Published online by The Blavatsky Foundation.

The "Hodgson Report"
on Madame Blavatsky
by Walter A. Carrithers, Jr.

The first (1963) edition of this work was published
under Mr. Carrither's pseudonym Adlai E. Waterman
by The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Madras, India.

This book is also available in pdf format.


Preface to the Online Edition by Leslie Price



I. The Investigation by the Society for Psychical Research

II. The "Blavatsky-Coulomb Correspondence"

III. The Shrine and Surroundings

A. The Shrine:  Its Design and Construction
B. Location of the Shrine
C. Curtain and Wall-Cloth
D. Inspecting the Wall, March to October, 1883
E. The Almirah
F. The "Boarding" or Door
G. Relative Positions of Door and Shrine
H. The "Recess" and the "Bricked Frame"
I. The "Sideboard"
J. "Traces of the Hole in the Wall"

IV. The Mahatma Letters

V. The Sitting-Room Bookcase Phenomenon

VI. The Letter "Traps"

VII. The Occult Room Bookcase Phenomenon

VIII.The "Astral Bell" Phenomenon

IX. The Doll, "Christofolo," and Apparitions of Mahatmas

X. A Question of Motive

XI. A Question of Integrity

XII. Special Note


Plate I.
Composite Tracings Showing Shrine, Recess, Door, Etc.

Plate II.
Richard Hodgson's "Plan of Occult Room, With Shrine and Surroundings" 

Plate III.
Enlargement of Plate II focusing on the Occult Room and Madame Blavatsky's Bedroom

This book is also available in pdf format.