Walter Carrither's Notes/Annotations added to various books in his personal library.


Title of Book/Description of Annotation

1,"The Masters by Annie Besant",19,"Mark beside ""workers""","line 10"
2,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",20,"Mark beside ""And the Society to-day..""","line 5"
3,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",21,"Mark beside ""…whom even the Masters call Their Rock of Ages""","line 14"
4,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",24,"Mark beside ""And H. P. B. put on record what was said as to the change, by her own Master.""","line 3"
5,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",26,"Mark beside ""...poured into such a Religion.""","line 13"
6,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",30,"Mark beside ""And to the Teutonic sub-race….""","line 22"
7,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",33,"Mark beside ""..who were 'touched by the Thyrsus'..""","line 19"
8,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",43,"Mark beside "" But I did not mention to you that in 1907…""","line 19"
9,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",44,"Mark beside ""…matters of opinion, those who desire to enter the Esoteric Section, or School…""","line 3"
10,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",44,"Mark beside ""..The Path, and are ready to undergo the discipline in Meditation and otherwise which would fit them to develop the qualities…."" .","line 16"
11,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",44,"Mark beside ""Those who come into it believe, as I said, in the existence of the Masters.""","line 29"
12,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",45,"Mark beside ""…who believe in the existence of the Hiearchy, and….""","line 11"
13,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",46,"Mark beside ""other line of work have been various lines of fruitful, social reform..""line 8.","line 8"
14,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",46,"Mark beside ""One curious letter I had, because some of the members had founded a branch to oppose Vivisection..""","line 28"
15,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",47,"Exclamation point beside ""…it was rather difficult to prove that the torture of animals was an exemplification of the Brotherhood..""","line 1"
16,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",50,"Mark beside ""And the suggestion came from the One whom we know as the World Teacher..""","line 4"
17,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",50,"""Three Lines"" underlined","line 7"
18,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",50,"Mark beside ""Those three lines of activity were then, as it were, placed by the World Teacher as especially important for all those who are preparing for His Coming""","line 18"
19,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",51,"""…words have such a hypnotising effect…"" in brackets","line 32"
20,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",51,"Mark beside ""…that, if you speak of the Liberal Catholic Church..""","line 32"
21,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",55,"""If a man of any Faith is eanest and devoted, then he can look up to the World Teacher as being really at the head of every Faith. He spoke not long ago of 'My many Faiths'"" in brackets","line 8"
22,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",55,"""And so it is true that the great inspiration of the Christ breathes through every Faith, and vitalises every religious rite properly and with devotion performed."" in brackets","line 16"
23,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",56,"""But if I may speak with all respect of a great Masonic Institution, in Masculine Masonry they leave out two things of the greatest interest to human life…"" in brackets","line 10"
24,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",56,"""As many of you, I dare say, know , because many of you may belong to the masculine Order of Masonry…."" in brackets (check mark beside it)","lines 15-32"
25,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",57,"""just as in the great Mysteries-of…"" in brackets, continued below on page 58","line 37"
26,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",58,"""...which its forms are really the vessels surviving-no distinction of sex is permitted;"" continuation of brackets from 57","line 1-2"
27,"The Theosophical Society & The Occult Hierarchy",58,"""The difficulty in the French Masonry…to the great Foundation Stone of the Masonic Temple."" in brackets, almost the full paragraph","lines 9-27"
28,"The Life of Richard Hodgson",0,"""This is the *unknown words* will ever be *unknown word* of RH (Richard Hodgson)-what comes next is not so good.","title page"
29,"The Life of Richard Hodgson",0,"""They have been glad to put at the Author's disposal whatever biographical material they could.."" underlined","line 5"
30,"The Life of Richard Hodgson",0,"Foreword. ""There were indeed giants in those earlier days of the Society's work-Myers, Gurney, Podmore, ?, Sidgwick and his wife…"" in brackets","line 14"
31,"The Masters by Annie Besant",0,"Foreword. Mark beside ""…these highest products of evolution are a natural necessity.""","line 9"
32,"The Masters by Annie Besant",0,"Foreword. Mark beside ""..succeeded in finding the Masters, and from whose minds, therefor, doubt of their existence has for ever been swept away","line 16"
33,"The Masters by Annie Besant",0,"Foreword. Mark beside ""May this booklet arouse some to the seeking of the great Teachers."" seeking is underlined","line 20"
34,"The Masters by Annie Besant",0,"Foreword. ""I, who know them,…""is underlined","line 21"
35,"The Masters by Annie Besant",1,"There is a ""No"" beside ""His human career is over.""","line 5"
36,"The Masters by Annie Besant",1,"""Perfect"" is underlined","line 6"
37,"The Masters by Annie Besant",1,"There is a ""No"" beside ""…the Man made perfect.""","line 9"
38,"The Masters by Annie Besant",1,"""perfect"" is underlined","line 9"
39,"The Masters by Annie Besant",2,"""Men"" is underlined","line 2"
40,"The Masters by Annie Besant",2,"There is a ""No"" beside ""…reach the Christ state,…""","line 3"
41,"The Masters by Annie Besant",2,"""all"" is underlined","line 3"
42,"The Masters by Annie Besant",2,"There is a ""No"" beside ""…who have reached the final goal of humanity.""","line 7"
43,"The Masters by Annie Besant",2,"""Up & their (?) teachings!"" is written on the side","lines 11-17"
44,"The Masters by Annie Besant",2,"""All the sons of men can do what a Son of Man has accomplished, and we see in them the pledge of our own triumph; the development of like divinity in us is but a question of evolution."" is in brackets","lines 18-21"
45,"The Masters by Annie Besant",2,"There is a ""No"" beside what is state inside the brackets of the previous entry","lines 18-21"
46,"The Masters by Annie Besant",3,"""super-moral, wherin external law is transcended,…"" is in brackets","lines 1-2"
47,"The Masters by Annie Besant",3,"""In the super-moral state the divine life in man finds its natural experession without external direction;.."" is in brackets","lines 7-9"
48,"The Masters by Annie Besant",3,"""Morality is transcended when all the powers of the man turn to the Good as the magnetised needle truns to the northl when divinity in man seeks ever the best for all."" is in brackets","lines 13-16"
49,"The Masters by Annie Besant",3,"""But what if one thinks (underlined) one self to be in this state but is not-and judgement is faulty?"" is written on the side of the bracketed aforementioned area above","line 13-16"
50,"The Masters by Annie Besant",4,"""Christianity, that faith could no longer raise to divinity those who practise it."" is in brackets","lines 23-25"
51,"The Masters by Annie Besant",4,"""Already there!"" is written on the side the aformentioned bracketed area above","lines 23-25"
52,"The Masters by Annie Besant",4,"""…the birth of the Christ, of the Buddha, in the human consciousness,…"" is in brackets","lines 26-27"
53,"The Masters by Annie Besant",4,"""…four degrees of development covered by the Christ-stage,…"" is in brackets (Christ-stage is on page 5)","lines30-1"
54,"The Masters by Annie Besant",5,"""Christ-stage"" is continued in brackets","line 1"
55,"The Masters by Annie Besant",5,"Mark beside ""…between the throughly good man and the triumphant Master.""","line 1"
56,"The Masters by Annie Besant",5,""""" is underlined.","line 9"
57,"The Masters by Annie Besant",5,"""…life…"" is underlined","line 14"
58,"The Masters by Annie Besant",5,"""…life…"" is underlined","line 18"
59,"The Masters by Annie Besant",5,"""…life…"" is underlined","line 25"
60,"The Masters by Annie Besant",5,"""'life' not wisdom!"" is written","lines 9-25"
61,"The Masters by Annie Besant",6,"""..while he himself, the living consciouness, is one in all that lives."" is in brackets","lines 4-6"
62,"The Masters by Annie Besant",6,"""How about 'the dead'?"" is written","lines 4-6"
63,"The Masters by Annie Besant",6,"""...feels what it is to live in all that lives and moves,…""is in brackets","lines 7-8"
64,"The Masters by Annie Besant",6,"""Bunk lost phase"" is written (lost is underlined)","lines 7-8"
65,"The Masters by Annie Besant",6,"""…that joy of life which even in its faint reflections upon earth is one of the keenest exstasties known to man."" is in brackets","lines 9-11"
66,"The Masters by Annie Besant",6,"""'grow in Christ' not vice versa"" is written","lines 16-19"
67,"The Masters by Annie Besant",6,"""…ere the Christ born in the feebleness of infancy may reach the stature of the Perfect Man…""is in brackets","lines 23-25"
68,"The Masters by Annie Besant",6,"""Hogwash!"" is written","lines 23-25"
69,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""By continual practice, the disciple must learn to assimilate the consciousness of others,…"" is underlined","lines 1-2"
70,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""JK s/ AB!"" is written","lines 1-2"
71,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""…different…"" is underlined","line 5"
72,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""So they are! No 2 fruit alike on tree!"" is written","line 5"
73,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""To this end he will endeavour in his everyday life to identify his consciouesness with the consciouesness of those with whom he comes into contact day by day; he will strive to feel as they feel, to think as they think…""is in brackets (up to suffer.)","lines 8-13"
74,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""Bunk"" is written","lines 8-13"
75,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""No"" is written","lines 14-16"
76,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""…every…"" is underlined","line 15"
77,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""Gradually…"" is bracketted (with no ending bracket)","line 16"
78,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""…however low…"" is underlined","line 18"
79,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""Black Dogma!"" is written","line 18"
80,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""…live in life…"" is underlined","line 24"
81,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""?!"" is written","line 24"
82,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""…the law of life…"" is underlined","lines 29-30"
83,"The Masters by Annie Besant",7,"""…life…"" is written","lines 29-30"
84,"The Masters by Annie Besant",8,"""…the law of life is giving…"" is underlined","line 2"
85,"The Masters by Annie Besant",10,"""in solitude of heart he must experience the true unity of the Father and the Son, an interior and not an outer unity, and then the loss even of the Father's Face; and for this all extrenal contact with men, and even with God,…."" is in brackets to ""One""","lines 18-24"
86,"The Masters by Annie Besant",10,"""…even with God…"" is underlined","line 22"
87,"The Masters by Annie Besant",10,"There is a Mark beside the bracketted area","lines 18-24"
88,"The Masters by Annie Besant",10,"""1891"" is written and double underlined for emphasis","line 25"
89,"The Masters by Annie Besant",12,"""Perfection"" is underlined (As in the ""Glory of Perfection"")","line 14"
90,"The Masters by Annie Besant",13,"Mark beside ""He is the Ideal Man…""","line 16-17"
91,"The Masters by Annie Besant",13,"""Not one being, however…"" is in brackets and continued on page 14","line 30"
92,"The Masters by Annie Besant",14,"""…feeble, however degraded, however igorant, however sinful, who is not a little nearer to the light when a Son of the Highest has finished his course."" is continued in brackets from page 13","line 1-3"
93,"The Masters by Annie Besant",14,"""…however degraded,…"" is underlined","line 1"
94,"The Masters by Annie Besant",14,"""No"" is written","line 1-3"
95,"The Masters by Annie Besant",15,"""…God…"" is underlined","line 5"
96,"The Masters by Annie Besant",15,"""!"" is written","line 5"
97,"The Masters by Annie Besant",15,"""A bright and shimmering vencer to cover a multitude of black sins!"" is written","below line 15"
98,"The Masters by Annie Besant",16,"""But I, who believe in them, and know them to exist, speak here not in the name of the Society, which has no creed, but in my own and in the name of others who share this belief or this knowledge with myself"" is in brackets","lines 14-18"
99,"The Masters by Annie Besant",16,"""puff job!"" is written","lines 14-18"
100,"The Masters by Annie Besant",16,"""…in 1895…"" is circled and ""N.B."" doubled underlined for emphasis is written underneath","line 20"
101,"The Masters by Annie Besant",17,"""The is not one great religion that has raised and elevated the minds of men…""to""…looks backward fort its Teacher to a Man who is divine in his life."" is in brackets","lines 8-19"
102,"The Masters by Annie Besant",17,"""'knowledge'"" is in quotations","line 10"
103,"The Masters by Annie Besant",17,"""Cres, AB as Founder (Christ to APB's [unknown words])"" written","line 12"
104,"The Masters by Annie Besant",18,"""For who is the Mahatma? He is the man who has become perfect,…"" is in brackets","line 7"
105,"The Masters by Annie Besant",18,"Mark beside ""For who is the Mahatma…""","line 7"
106,"The Masters by Annie Besant",19,"""physical evolution like this is absurd"" is written (""is"" is underlined)","line 16"
107,"The Masters by Annie Besant",19,"""knowledge-not physical man"" is written","line 30"
108,"The Masters by Annie Besant",20,"""N.B. If this were true and evolution explained it-one could not expect to advance more than one stage (unknown word) in many life times! Mahatmas are born Mahatmas.""","line 5"
109,"The Masters by Annie Besant",20,"""I speak of those Great Ones to whom I alluded who have been the Founders of the great reliions of the world."" continued on page 21","line 27"
110,"The Masters by Annie Besant",21,"The whole page is within brackets starting from line 27 on page 20 to line 30 on page 21","lines 1-30"
111,"The Masters by Annie Besant",21,"""…unbroken…"" is underlined","line 1"
112,"The Masters by Annie Besant",21,"""no"" is written","line 1"
113,"The Masters by Annie Besant",21,"""…remain…"" is underlined","line 2"
114,"The Masters by Annie Besant",21,"""no"" is written","line 2"
115,"The Masters by Annie Besant",21,"""Omits HPB's principal religion degeneration"" is written","line 9"
116,"The Masters by Annie Besant",21,"""puff job on religion + their books!"" is written","line 21"
117,"The Masters by Annie Besant",22,"""…if the books are so great, the morality so pure, the philosophy so sublime, and the knowledge so vast,…""","line 2-4"
118,"The Masters by Annie Besant",22,"""But is it all?!"" is written","line 1-4"
119,"The Masters by Annie Besant",22,"""poor authority!"" is written","line 6"
120,"The Masters by Annie Besant",22,"""…nations are guided by the teachings that thus have come down."" is in brackets","lines 8-9"
121,"The Masters by Annie Besant",22,"""No"" is written and underlined","lines 8-9"
122,"The Masters by Annie Besant",23,"""That their teaching has been identical in its main outlines, that their teaching is identical in its moral force, that the spiritual truths enuciated…"" to ""…the ground so far is solid beneath our feet."" is in brackets","lines 11-16"
123,"The Masters by Annie Besant",23,"""unchanged"" is underlined","line 14"
124,"The Masters by Annie Besant",23,"""(unknown word) HPB on change"" is written (change is underlined","line 14"
125,"The Masters by Annie Besant",26,"""HOW CAN WE FIND THE MASTERS?"" is underlined","line 26"
126,"The Masters by Annie Besant",26,"""You can't-They will find you!"" is written","line 26"
127,"The Masters by Annie Besant",27,"""Can they be reached?"" is underlined","line 7"
128,"The Masters by Annie Besant",27,"""Mahatmas avoided having photos so as not to be identified by enemies or ""the herd"""" is written underneath","line 30"
129,"The Masters by Annie Besant",29,"""very good (1895)"" is written","line 12"
130,"The Masters by Annie Besant",29,"""What is new in the book…."" all the way to the end of the page and continued on 30","lines 12-30"
131,"The Masters by Annie Besant",30,"continued from page 30 ""education which would have enabled her…"" to ""…which enabled her to reduce this chaos to order, and to bring out a mighty scheme of evolution which makes us understand the universe and man."" is in brackets","lines 1-16"
132,"The Masters by Annie Besant",30,"""But the fact you have to meet is this-…"" to the end of the page is in brackets (continued on page 31)","lines 20-30"
133,"The Masters by Annie Besant",31,"Something is written on page 31 above the first line, but it is too garbled to make it out completely","line 0"
134,"The Masters by Annie Besant",31,"""…reality, and then we may begin perhaps to revise our opinion of her; but until that is done her claim remains unshaken"" continued in brackets from page 30","lines 1-3"
135,"The Masters by Annie Besant",31,"""The reason that you cannot shake us in our belief in this is because she helped us to knowledge, because we gained from her teaching that which none other gave…""to""from the same Teacher who had taught her"" is in brackets (from is underlined)","lines 7-12"
136,"The Masters by Annie Besant",31,"""Still puffing"" is written","lines 7-12"
137,"The Masters by Annie Besant",31,"""Never shall stone be case upon her grave which I will not try to lift off it,.."" is in brackets","lines 16-17"
138,"The Masters by Annie Besant",31,"""Why not a (unknown word) then?"" written","lines 16-17"
139,"The Masters by Annie Besant",31,"""N. A."" written","line 19"
140,"The Masters by Annie Besant",31,"""began"" is underlined","line 19"
141,"The Masters by Annie Besant",31,"""Now the evidence that I ask you to take…"" until the end of the page and ending on page 32, is in brackets","line 20"
142,"The Masters by Annie Besant",31,"""The (unknown word) Them being has own (unknown words)"" is written","bottom of page"
143,"The Masters by Annie Besant",32,"""…the important fact being that she possessed it, however it may have come into her presence"" to ""…and gave her what she produced."" in brackets (continued from page 31","lines 1-13"
144,"The Masters by Annie Besant",32,"""*"" is marked beside the bracketed text","lines 1-13"
145,"The Masters by Annie Besant",32,"""The Voice of Silence: that book happened to be written while I was with her at Fortainebleau."" is in brackets","lines 19-21"
146,"The Masters by Annie Besant",32,"""I am not speaking of the notes; those were done afterwards."" is underlined","lines 22-23"
147,"The Masters by Annie Besant",32,"""N.B."" is written","lines 22-23"
148,"The Masters by Annie Besant",32,"""She wrote it at the Fontainebleau, and the greater part was done when I was with her…"" to the end of the page (continued on page 33)","lines 25-30"
149,"The Masters by Annie Besant",33,"""…from reading it where no book was."" to ""We did not alter in that more than a few words, and it remains as a specimen of marvellously beautiful literary work, putting everything else aside."" in brackets (continued from page 32)","lines 1-8"
150,"The Masters by Annie Besant",33,"""The book is, as I said, a prose poem, full of spiritual inspiration…"" to ""…it is its own best testimony to the source whence it came."" in brackets","lines 9-16"
151,"The Masters by Annie Besant",33,"""Pass now from Madame Blavatsky herself to those she taught."" to ""…which they have personally received from them."" in brackets.","lines 20-30"
152,"The Masters by Annie Besant",33,"""APS as now taught by masters!"" is written.","lines 20-30"
153,"The Masters by Annie Besant",33,"""N.B. 1895?!"" is written","lines 20-30"
154,"The Masters by Annie Besant",33,"""For WQJ is gone by wayside."" is written","lines 20-30"
155,"The Masters by Annie Besant",33,"""WRS APS"" (is underlined) is written","lines 20-30"
156,"The Masters by Annie Besant",34,"""Mr. Sinnett has alludded to evidence extending in his own case over fifteen years..""(over fifteen years is underlined) to ""We bear to these our personal testimony not founded on documents, not founded on writings."" in brackets","lines 1-20"
157,"The Masters by Annie Besant",34,"""What other sort of evidence can you demand for the existence of anyone"" is underlined","lines 15-16"
158,"The Masters by Annie Besant",34,"""See p. 31*!!!"" is written","lines 15"
159,"The Masters by Annie Besant",34,"""not founded simply on letters, and so on, on which there is always possibblity of deception arising,.."" is in brackets","lines 21-22"
160,"The Masters by Annie Besant",34,"""simply"" and ""on which there is always possibility of deception arising"" are underlined","lines 21-22"
161,"The Masters by Annie Besant",34,"""see 1900 'ML'"" and ""What letters then?"" are written","lines 21-22"
162,"The Masters by Annie Besant",35,"""one"" is underlined","line 5"
163,"The Masters by Annie Besant",35,"""one man: is underlined","line 7"
164,"The Masters by Annie Besant",35,"""a forger"" is underlined","line 8"
165,"The Masters by Annie Besant",35,"""real"" is underlined","line 11"
166,"The Masters by Annie Besant",35,"""WQ Judy (?)"" is written","lines 5-8"
167,"The Masters by Annie Besant",35,"""Who got it then?"" is written","lines 12-17"
168,"The Masters by Annie Besant",38,"""True-no humbling teachers here!"" is written. (True is underlined)","line 25"
169,"The Masters by Annie Besant",38,"""There are men and women who are exceptionally unselfish, who show exceptional capacities…"" to the end of the page and finished up on page 39, is in brackets.","lines 17"
170,"The Masters by Annie Besant",39,"""…to guide the further evolution and certain definite demands are made, if this further evolution is to proceed."" is in brackets (continued from page 38)","lines 1-3"
171,"The Masters by Annie Besant",42,"""Good-homilies sopped up in searching for what appeals to mans religious instincts!"" is written","lines 16-22"
172,"The Masters by Annie Besant",42,"""The illustrations given here of what the disciple must be are that he is to be like a start which gives light to all…"" to ""…and have the possibility of growth when the season for growth shall come."" is in brackets","lines 16-22"
173,"The Masters by Annie Besant",43,"""Very good"" is written","line 5"
174,"The Masters by Annie Besant",43,"""…life after life these qualitites develop…"" to the end of the page, is in brackets (continued in brackets until page 45)","lines 5-30"
175,"The Masters by Annie Besant",44,"Page 44 is entirely in brackets (continued from page 43 and on into 45)","lines 1-30"
176,"The Masters by Annie Besant",45,"""Is that an ideal for scoffling for laughter, for idle ridicule? If it be only a dream, it is the noblest dream that humanity has ever dreamed; the fullest of self-sacrifice, and the most inspiring of ideals."" is in brackets (continued from page 45)","lines 1-11"
177,"The Masters by Annie Besant",45,"""And we stand as witness to all religions that their faith is real and not false; their Teachers a reality and not a dreaml for the Teacher is the realization of the promise in the disciple, the realization of the ideal that we adore."" is in brackets","lines 22-26"
178,"The Masters by Annie Besant",45,"""And so to some of use these Divine Teachers, whom we know to live, are a daily inspiration."" is in brackets","lines 26-28"
179,"The Masters by Annie Besant",45,"""…whom we know to live…"" is underlined","line 27"
180,"The Masters by Annie Besant",45,"There are comments on the side, but they are off the page","lines 22-28"
181,"The Masters by Annie Besant",45,"""And if…"" is in brackets and continued on page 46","line 30"
182,"The Masters by Annie Besant",46,"Written underneath line 30""Quote all this as gone that AB could have done! She crossed this line by claiming (in 1895) at the same time that she was in (the rest in blurred by the black mark on the page)","line 30"
183,"The Masters by Annie Besant",47,"""(Annie Besant, ie)"" is written.","line 6"
184,"The Masters by Annie Besant",47,"The beginning is blurred because of a bad scan of the page ""….Their orders! Yet, she had been truthful to the Trader(?) and Teaching and honest with herself and others, what mighty works she could have done by simply propagating her beautiful simple..""","bottom of page"
185,"The Masters by Annie Besant",47,"Continued from above ""…and making (unknown word) the TS kept on the true lines (?) !Possbily would have blessed her name as the greatest and truest (unknown word) of HPB and she would have eft and unpunishable gift to humanity…""","bottom of page"
186,"The Masters by Annie Besant",47,"Continued from above ""…Instead, what she nearly did-then and of (unknown word) and…"" the rest is hard to make out","bottom of page"
187,"The Masters by Annie Besant",48,"""…from all possibility of failure in evolution"" is in parenthesis","line 23"
188,"The Masters by Annie Besant",48,"""No"" is written","line 23"
189,"The Masters by Annie Besant",48,"""'To him that overcometh' was the promise that he should…"" is in brackets (continued on page 49)","lines 23-24"
190,"The Masters by Annie Besant",49,"""…be 'a pillar in the Temple of my God, and she shall go out no more'. He that had overcome was 'saved.'"" is in brackets (continued from page 48","lines 1-2"
191,"The Masters by Annie Besant",49,"""see"" with a check mark is written","lines 1-2"
192,"The Masters by Annie Besant",49,"""The conception of evolution, which implies a gradual expansion of consciouness, embodied in ever-improving material forms, undlies the conecption of Masterhood."" to ""…cannot be gained in the course of one brief human life."" is in brackets","lines 3-8"
193,"The Masters by Annie Besant",49,"""*See p. 50*"" is written","lines 3-8"
194,"The Masters by Annie Besant",49,"""Beyon this point, evolution is super-human; if the conqueror returns to human life it is a voluntary action, for neither birth can seize him nor death touch him, save by his own consent."" is in brackets","lines 20-23"
195,"The Masters by Annie Besant",49,"""…nor death touch him, save by his own consent."" is underlined","line 23"
196,"The Masters by Annie Besant",49,"""N.B."" is written","line 23"
197,"The Masters by Annie Besant",49,"""We must add something to this for the full conception of Masterhood. The Master must be in a human body, must be incarnate.."" to ""…pass out of touch with this earth, and inhabit only loftier realms of existence."" is in brackets","lines 24-29"
198,"The Masters by Annie Besant",49,"""Wrong. Ignores (unknown word) body!!"" is written","lines 24-29"
199,"The Masters by Annie Besant",49,"""See pg 50 x Materialist 'body'"" is written","line 30"
200,"The Masters by Annie Besant",50,"""Evolution has been compared to a road winding round and round a hill in an ascending spiral, and along that road humanity slowly advances;"" to ""As in the days of the Christ, they must 'forsake all and follow Him'"" is in brackets","lines 5-13"
201,"The Masters by Annie Besant",50,"""*"" is written","lines 5-13"
202,"The Masters by Annie Besant",50,"""We may take, then, as a defintion of a Master; a human being who has perfected himself and has nothing more to learn on earth, who lives in a physical body on earth"" is in brackets","lines 24-27"
203,"The Masters by Annie Besant",50,"""X see p 51 x"" is written","lines 24-27"
204,"The Masters by Annie Besant",51,"""N.B. 5th quote(?)"" is written","line 17"
205,"The Masters by Annie Besant",51,"""At certain times in human history, in serious crises, in the transisition from one type of civlisation to another…"" to the end of the page and continued on page 52, is in brackets","line 23-27"
206,"The Masters by Annie Besant",51,"""although incarnate"" is underlined","line 27"
207,"The Masters by Annie Besant",51,"""X"" is written","line 25"
208,"The Masters by Annie Besant",52,"Continued from 51 to ""They live in different countries, scattered over the world."" is in brackets","line 1-8"
209,"The Masters by Annie Besant",52,"""On whereabouts of Masters"" and ""3 on one! -'dunes' in JK! 7/29/87"" is written","line 8"
210,"The Masters by Annie Besant",52,"""Rakoczi in Hungary,.."" is underlined","line 12"
211,"The Masters by Annie Besant",52,"""I do not know the dwelling-places of 'the Ventian' and the Master 'Serapis'"" is underlined","lines 12-14"
212,"The Masters by Annie Besant",53,"""As the physical world lives by the life of God, focused by the sun, so does the spiritual world live by that same life.."" to ""'means of grace'"" is in brackets","lines 3-10"
213,"The Masters by Annie Besant",53,"""!God & religious"" is written","lines 3-10"
214,"The Masters by Annie Besant",53,"""God"" is underlined","line 4"
215,"The Masters by Annie Besant",53,"""The comes the work in the lower mental world, the generation of thought-forms which influence the concrete mind and guide it along useful lines of activity in this world,.."" is in brackets","lines 17-20"
216,"The Masters by Annie Besant",53,"""The helping of the so-called dead,.."" is in brackets","line 22-23"
217,"The Masters by Annie Besant",53,"""at WQV helping the dead"" is written (dead is underlined)","line 22-23"
218,"The Masters by Annie Besant",53,"""In conjuction…"" is in brackets (continued on page 54)","line 30"
219,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""Invisible govt. of the world!"" is written","line 1"
220,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""Angels of the Nations"" is underlined","line 1"
221,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""with the Angels of the Nations also they work, guiding the spirtual forces as others guide the material, choosing and rejecting actos in the great Drama, supplying needful impulses in the right direction."" is in brackets (continued from page 53)","lines 1-4"
222,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""From time to time, one of them comes forth into the world of men, as a great religious teacher,.."" to ""watching over it as his special charge"" is in brackets","lines 12-18"
223,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"( I.E. Annie Besant) is written underneath","line 18"
224,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""Annie Besant was the ""Great One"" & she at the ""head of the 'New Religious of the (Unknown word)'-and HPB was only her John the Baptist-!!!!!"" is written","bottom of page"
225,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""See her story of the.."" the rest is hard to make out (the page is blurred).","bottom of page"
226,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""Re '1900 Mahatma Letter'"" is written","beside page 54"
227,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""1. Even Baronte (?) who acept it admits the (unknown word) is odd."" is written","beside page 54"
228,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""2. Why 'Montre' used 1/4 of sheet all-not tearing off","beside page 54"
229,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""3. Part of the text missing invalidates it.""","beside page 54"
230,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""4. No return address on letter or envelope cover (how about back of envelope)? Without address, how could Bessant know where to write?""","beside page 54"
231,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""5. Nothing said of AB writing on (unknown word) 'Monlri' (?) (hence why can it he said by Baronte (?) that writing was not adding before it was mailed?)"" is written","beside page 54"
232,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""6. Nothing said- no proof of Monlri (?) as FTS(?)."" is written","beside page 54"
233,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""7. No investigation indicated now proof of Monlri's (?) existence or identity"" is written","beside page 54"
234,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""8. Even Besant clearly (?) admits letters open for deception."" is written","beside page 54"
235,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""9. Handwriting comparison wreckless even when done by 'experts'"" is written","beside page 54"
236,"The Masters by Annie Besant",54,"""10. A B Tho (?) practiced deceiver (?), hypocrite, liar, defiler and assasin makes a grand suspect. ( Her motive? Was to impress HSO? She private- non-(unknown word) parts to oblige him to publicize lest he.."" the rest is too blurred to read","beside page 54"
237,"Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom",0,"""The Magic Wand (on staff) the key to the meaning of which he's been lost. Is one of the oldest and one of the most sacred symbols in all the world. It is symbolical of the spinal column of man and it is the pawn within this column by which…"" is written","line 1"
238,"Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom",0,"continued from above ""…so-called miracles are performed. Does the Chiropractor by releasing this power, gain his resuets? I Wonder."" is written","line 1"
239,"Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom",0,"""1926"" is written","line 1"
240,"Mrs. Annie Besant",54,"""958 AM March 12 1977-and guessed!"" is written","line 5"
241,"Mrs. Annie Besant",102,"Mark beside ""By June 1879 she had marticulated at London University…""","line 9"
242,"Mrs. Annie Besant",104,"Mark beside ""...said afterwards, 'the one thing I ever wrote for which I feel deep regret and shame.'""","line 16"
243,"Mrs. Annie Besant",134,"Mark beside ""It seems that Mrs Besant's mind was playing round…""","line 15"
244,"Mrs. Annie Besant",137,"Mark beside ""…had not the author's death prevented the publication of the remaining two volumes announced…""","line 10"
245,"Mrs. Annie Besant",192,"Mark beside ""Besant not only took up the cause of India with renewed vigour,..""","line 17"
246,"Mrs. Annie Besant",192,"Mark beside ""Already on this first visit she bathed in the Ganges and in effect proclaimed her adherence…""","line 27"
247,"Mrs. Annie Besant",193,"Mark beside ""'My work in the sphere of politics,' she announced, 'is over..'""","line 16"
248,"Mrs. Annie Besant",193,"Mark beside ""…stuggles of political parties, heated with the fires…""","line 24"
249,"Mrs. Annie Besant",203,"""N.D."" (everything else is blurred and unreadable) is written","bottom of page"
250,"Mrs. Annie Besant",222,"Mark beside ""…record in regard to them can only be described as incomprehensible.""","line 10"
251,"Mrs. Annie Besant",231,"""Besant a congenital LIAR"" is written","line 15"
252,"Mrs. Annie Besant",232,"""Why Beslisman (?) join TS or for this? Quite as incudible(?) !"" is written","line 21"
253,"Mrs. Annie Besant",234,"""As might he expected a poisoner?"" is written","bottom of page"
254,"Mrs. Annie Besant",244,"""She murdered 'Him'!?"" (murdered is underlined) is written","bottom of page"
255,"Mrs. Annie Besant",250,"Mark beside ""…strong, and she had realized that so long as theis inner council was hers, so long would the whole Society be hers.""","line 12"
256,"Mrs. Annie Besant",252,"Mark beside ""…man names Willoughby, whom Mr Wedgwood persuaded to consecrate him.""","line 12"
257,"Mrs. Annie Besant",253,"Mark beside ""…and when that year's Star Camp assembled, there were not a few who expected the event to occur during it sessions.""","line 23"
258,"Mrs. Annie Besant",254,"Mark beside ""…of the Star and at one blow laid low the whole elaborate structure so carefully and painstakingly built up by Mrs Besant during the past eighteen years.""","line 1"
259,"Mrs. Annie Besant",258,"""…in 1924,…"" is underlined","line 4"
260,"Mrs. Annie Besant",266,"There is a ""*"" mark before ""I have tried during the progress..""","line 25"
261,"Mrs. Annie Besant",266,"""* A. Destroy all other religion & governments. B. Then raise up your own theocracy 'the invisible the World' of which you are the mouthpiece"" is written","line 25"
262,"Mrs. Annie Besant",267,"Mark beside ""…as foreign to her as is pole to pole…""","line 11"
263,"Mrs. Annie Besant",267,"""No conscience at all-"" is written","line 11"
264,"Mrs. Annie Besant",267,"""not news"" is written","line 12"
265,"Mrs. Annie Besant",267,"""ditto"" is written","line 16"
266,"Mrs. Annie Besant",267,"""(supreme confidence in her righteousness)"" parenthesis are added and righteousness is underlined","lines 17-18"
267,"Mrs. Annie Besant",267,"""It is from this characteristic that springs the monstrous authoritarianism introduced by her into Theosophy."" is in brackets","lines 26-28"
268,"Mrs. Annie Besant",268,"""During"" is written","line 24"
269,"Mrs. Annie Besant",269,"Mark beside ""Those who knew Mrs Besant as contemporaries think of her merely as an honest…""","line 12"
270,"Mrs. Annie Besant",269,"""moral"" is in quotations","line 2"
271,"Mrs. Annie Besant",269,"Mark beside ""But abstractions, generalizations, philosophical thought..""","line 19"
272,"Mrs. Annie Besant",269,"Mark beside ""...that seems at all likely to go down to posterity.""","line 27"
273,"Mrs. Annie Besant",270,"Mark beside ""every point but one; she was devoid of the creative spirit of a Defoe or a Shaw…""","line 6"
274,"Mrs. Annie Besant",270,"Mark beside ""…that as a whole her life did not achieve any great constructive benefit for mankind…""","line 16"
275,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",311,"Mark beside ""I found here that I had touched a chord, to which every fibre in the refined and high-toned lady's being instantly responded.""","line 10"
276,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",311,"""EMB England"" is written","line 27"
277,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",319,"Mark beside ""And burn into dust and ashes all who bend not the knee before her!""","line 20"
278,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",319,"Mark beside ""Three verses addressed to the spirits of the other elements followed, but the ardor of the language and the reckless wickedness which was implied in them..""","line 27"
279,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",320,"Mark beside ""Here she poured out a tale of passion so wild and fierce that again my pen halts before the attempt to transcribe her words.""","line 31"
280,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",321,"""ch Louis (de Palma) (?) pg (unknown word)""","line 3"
281,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",321,"Mark beside ""…that admitted of but one interpretation, my poor friend's agitation exceeded all bounds..""","line 13"
282,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",321,"Mark beside ""According to the conventional ideas upon which tales of fiction are founded..""","line 41"
283,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",329,"""HSO"" is written","line 3"
284,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",329,"""HPB"" is written","line 18"
285,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",329,"Mark beside ""…'interesting psychological experiments'…""","line 30"
286,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",330,"Mark beside ''...'Hide her, if you value your life!'...""","line 20"
287,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",331,"Mark beside ""…Madame Helene Laval and her infamous brother escaped from my hands with their lives.""","line 18"
288,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",331,"Mark beside ""…when both of these wretched and baffled plotters were silent…""","line 31"
289,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",332,"Mark beside ""…of her veil. At that moment a strange phenomenon appeared amongst us.""","line 10"
290,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",333,"""HPB no. EHB."" is written","line 20"
291,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",333,"""…'to destroy the name and fame of her victim?'"" is in brackets","line 20"
292,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",333,"Mark beside ""The halo then gradually faded from her head. Nanak stretched out his arms to receive her…""","line 29"
293,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",334,"""HSO"" is written","line 37"
294,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",334,"Mark beside ""' You wouldn't murder me, would you?'…""","line 40"
295,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",335,"Mark beside ""…whom, I had resolved to avenge his own no less than his sister's villainy.""","line 6"
296,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",335,"Mark beside ""As to me, I bade farewell to my hopes of life amongst the stars, to the mysteries of the occult…""","line 16"
297,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",340,"""besides having another piece in the locket I gave her?"" is in brackets","lines 1-2"
298,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",340,"""P-?"" is written","line 1"
299,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",340,"""Poor Helen! She had no female friend except me. I do think she loved me once, and sometimes I believe she must miss me. Oh, why could she not continue to love me even though she did love Louis?"" is in brackets","lines 5-9"
300,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",341,"Mark beside ""…and all around them a crowd of awful shapes, demons or elementaries…""","line 21"
301,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",341,"Mark beside ""I was there.""","line 30"
302,"Ghost Land Spiritualism",342,"(S)""outheran?"" is written","line 1"
303,"H.P.B in mem. Of Helena P. Blavatsky",0,"""Notes in pencil too light to copy"" (there is a frowny face here) written","bottom of page"
304,"The People of the Blue Mountains",0,"""N/N"" is written","middle of page"
305,"My Guest-H.P. Blavatsky",0,"""No Notes"" is written","bottom of page"
306,"Krishnamurti",5,"Mark beside ""…except my mother, to see..""","line 12"
307,"Krishnamurti",5,"Mark beside ""…I used to hear my mother…""","line 31"
308,"Krishnamurti",5,"Mark beside ""Nariniah confirmed that Krishna saw his dead mother:..""","line 38"
309,"Krishnamurti",10,"""!"" is written; ""...'notorious'.."" is in quotations","line 4"
310,"Krishnamurti",10,"""!"" is written","line 12"
311,"Krishnamurtiq",10,"""!"" is written ;""…'culled from the ancient wisdom of several religions'…"" is in quotations","line 17"
312,"Krishnamurti",10,"""!"" is written","line 34"
313,"Krishnamurti",10,"""..'govern and direct the world.'.."" is in quotations","line 34"
314,"Krishnamurti",10,"""!"" is written; ""…'in order to help the evolution of those just entering the Path.'…""","lines 36-37"
315,"Krishnamurti",10,"""…'still retained the bodies of…'"" is in quotations (end quotes on page 11)","line 39"
316,"Krishnamurti",11,"(continued from page 10) ""…'their last incarnation'…""","line 1"
317,"Krishnamurti",11,"""!"" is written","line 1"
318,"Krishnamurti",11,"""!"" is written; ""*"" is written beside ""…prime of life..""","line 3"
319,"Krishnamurti",11,"""!"" is written; ""…'king'…"" is in quotations","line 8"
320,"Krishnamurti",11,"""!"" is written; ""…;in a monastery in Nepal'…"" is in quotations","line 11"
321,"Krishnamurti",11,"""!"" is written; ""…'on the astral plane in their Tibetan homes.'…"" is in quotations","line 20"
322,"Krishnamurti",11,"""!"" is written","line 23"
323,"Krishnamurti",12,"""46-'1975'"" is written","line 1"
324,"Krishnamurti",12,""" As early as 1889 Madame Blavatsky had told a group of Theosophical students that the real purpose of establishing the Society was to perpare humanity for the reception of the World Teacher."" to ""…five years after Madame Blavatsky's death."" is in bracket","lines 1-6"
325,"Krishnamurti",12,"""Theosophists also believed that each time a great religious teacher appeared it was to usher in a new sub-race. This time it was to be the sixth sub-race of …"" to ""(Later the cradle of this sub-race was changed to California)"" is in brackets","lines 6-10"
326,"Krishnamurti",12,"""In 1909, at a public lecture in Chicago on…"" to ""-not in the East as did Christ two thousand years ago.'.."" is in brackets","lines 10-14"
327,"Krishnamurti",12,"""...favourite..."" is underlined","line 11"
328,"Krishnamurti",12,"""see 18 (check mark) 39 (check mark) 42 ft"" is written","line 17"
329,"Krishnamurti",13,"Mark beside ""whom he believed to be a reincarnation…""","line 24"
330,"Spirit-Identity",0,"""N/N"" is written","bottom of page"
331,"Belief by Joseph Jastrow",0,"""N/N"" is written","bottom of page"
332,"The Basic Writings of CG June",0,"""N/N"" is written","bottom of page"
333,"Beulah Land",0,"nothing is written on the page","n/a"
334,"Modern Mystics & Modern Magic",0,"nothing is written on the page","n/a"
335,"All Things are Possible through Prayer",0,"""N/N"" is written","bottom of page"
336,"The Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism",0,"""To W. A. Carithers Jr. with the author's sincere regard and best wishes! Hereward Carrington. July 4/47"" is written","middle of page"
337,"The HeyDay of Spiritualism",0,"""N/N"" is written","bottom of page"
338,"Madame Blavatsky",0,"""51 HPB 'a skill' used my Mahatma' (unknown signature) '"" is writen","top of page"
339,"Madame Blavatsky",0,"""Feb 25 (O) 12:15 AM just discussed pages 81-96 MISSING!! (Lost at copy shop!!!) found it (unknown words)!"" is written","top of page"
340,"Reminiscenes of Colonel H. S. Olcott",0,"""No Notes"" is written","bottom of page"
341,"DAMODAR",0,"""NN ?"" is written","bottom of page"
342,"Posthumous Humanity",0,"""NN ?"" is written","bottom of page"
343,"The Hall of Magic Mirros",0,"""N/N"" is written","bottom of page"
344,"Hours with the Ghosts",0,"""J.R. Armstrong Irvington Katsuth Co. Iowa March 20th 1901-"" is written","top of page"
345,"Nature's Mysteries",0,"""N/N"" is written","bottom of page"
346,"Reincarnation for the Millions",0,"""N/N: is written","bottom of page"
347,"Theosophists Reunite",0,"Everything in this folder is in pencil and extremely difficult to read","all pages"
348,"Questioned Documents",0,"Nothing is marked or noted","n/a"
349,"Studies in Psychical Research",0,"""N/N"" is written","bottom of page"
350,"Men & Women of Deep Piety",0,"""No Notes"" is written","bottom of page"
351,"Modern Spiritualism",0,"Nothing is marked or noted","n/a"
352,"The Miracle of Answered Prayer",0,"""No Notes"" is written","bottom of page"
353,"7 Steps to a Vital Faith",0,"""No Notes"" is written","bottom of page"
354,"A Guide to Confident Living",0,"""No Notes"" is written","bottom of page"
355,"Vision of Fatima",0,"""No Notes"" is written","bottom of page"
356,"50 Years of Psychical Research",0,"Nothing is marked or noted","n/a"
357,"Anglo-Saxon Kernels",0,"Nothing is marked or noted","n/a"
358,"H.P. Blavatsky & The Thesophical Movement",163,"""!? No!"" is written (""No"" is underlined)","line 30"
359,"Letters from H.P. Blavatskty to the American Con.",0,"Nothing is marked or noted","n/a"
360,"The Occult Sciences",0,"Nothing is marked or noted","n/a"
361,"Strange Women of the Occult",0,"Nothing is marked or noted","n/a"
362,"Helena P. Blavatsky",0,"Nothing is marked or noted","n/a"
363,"Madame H.P.B. her occult phenomena & the society..",0,"""No Notes"" is written","bottom of page"
364,"Crowns of Society",0,"Actually, it's Crowns of Rejoicing.","n/a"
365,"Crowns of Society",0,"""No Notes"" is written","bottom of page"
366,"Crowns of Society",0,"""growing dearer P 62"" is written on the last page of this folder","top of page"
367,"Old Diary Leaves 2nd SERIES",0,"""Too Light!"" is written","bottom of page"
368,"The Christians Secret to a Happy Life",0,"""No Notes"" is written","bottom of page"
369,"Conspiracy vs. God & Man",0,"""No Notes"" is written","bottom of page"
370,"No Notes",0,"Seems to be a folder which doesn't have any notes","n/a"
371,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",0,"""1972"" is written","middle of page"
372,"Psychography: A Treatis on One of the Objective Fo",0,"""Stanton Moses"" is written","bottom of page"
373,"An Outline of Theosophy",0,"""1952"" is written","middle of page"
374,"Secret Societies",0,"""1967-"" is written","middle of page"
375,"Some Unpublished Letters of Helena Petrovna Blavat",2,"What's written is in pencil and is very hard to read","n/a"
376,"The Theosophical Movement 1875-1925 A History..",2,"""82 B-'The preliminary….America.'"" ""p67-'Inspite of…admissions…the ignored?'"" ""p65A In the autumn…130 pages.'"" ""Difference 84B-87A"" ""85C-quote Paul.Nat(?)"" ""87-Now of Comments written & PH.""","written on a Newsweek subscription page"
377,"The Occult-A History",0,"""1971"" is written","middle of page"
378,"The Occult-A History",0,"""330"" is written","index"
379,"The Occult-A History",0,"Mark beside ""309""","index"
380,"The Occult-A History",0,"Mark beside ""317""","index"
381,"The Occult-A History",0,"Mark beside ""355""","index"
382,"The Occult-A History",0,"Mark beside ""404""","index"
383,"The Occult-A History",0,"Mark beside ""494""","index"
384,"Some Unpublished Letters of H.P.B",50,"Mark beside ""and in her writings she continually stressed the point of danger…""","lines 27-28"
385,"Some Unpublished Letters of H.P.B",51,"Mark beside ""…did not hestitate to quote from the ancient and mediaeval writers…""","lines 10-11"
386,"Some Unpublished Letters of H.P.B",51,"Mark beside ""In her early letters she repeatedly emphasized the fact, that while she was a spiritualist…""","lines 28-29"
387,"Some Unpublished Letters of H.P.B",52,"Mark beside ""As H.P.B. before the founding of the Society had taken a most active part…""","lines 4-6"
388,"Some Unpublished Letters of H.P.B",52,"Mark beside ""…error he had fallen into.""","line 28"
389,"Some Unpublished Letters of H.P.B",215,"""I know no prominent person in literature who has been so candid and free in her analysis of herself."" is in brackets","lines 10-12"
390,"Some Unpublished Letters of H.P.B",228,"""Ladies' Home Journal"" is underlined","line 16"
391,"Unknown Texts",12,"The ""ves"" in ""shelves"" is circled","line 26"
392,"Unknown Texts",12,"""door"" is circled","line 28"
393,"Unknown Texts",12,"Something is written on the side but it's hard to make out","line 32"
394,"Unknown Texts",34,"""…as Madame Coulomb..."" is underlined","line 7"
395,"Unknown Texts",35,"""It was contained in an envelope with the postal mark of Madras."" is underlined","line 3"
396,"Unknown Texts",35,"""ex"" in ""explanation"" is underlined","line 13"
397,"Unknown Texts",35,"""I am writing in the dark.""","lines 23-24"
398,"Unknown Texts",35,"""24 supplemental""(?)-the writing is too light","line 31"
399,"Unknown Texts",37,"""This letter"" is underlined","line 44"
400,"Unknown Texts",37,"Something is written here, but it's hard to make out","line 44"
401,"Unknown Texts",38,"""he wanted to patch up & get out. She wanted revenge."" is written","line 22"
402,"Theosophy Unvelied",11,"""Quote"" is written with brackets around the paragraph","lines 21-27"
403,"Theosophy Unvelied",11,"""…aquaintances…"" is underlined","line 19"
404,"Theosophy Unvelied",13,"Paragraph is in brackets","line 38-42"
405,"Theosophy Unvelied",20,"""The fraud of the Eddy Brothers were afterwards exposed by Dr. Beard, an eminent New York Physician.","lines 24-25"
406,"Theosophy Unvelied",22,"Mark beside ""6. A belief in the following Marvels:-""","line 35"
407,"Theosophy Unvelied",30,"Mark beside ""…'corresponded exactly, as regards their pattern.'…""","line 4"
408,"Theosophy Unvelied",31,"""July"" and ""Knowledge"" are underlined","line 9"
409,"Theosophy Unvelied",31,"Entire paragraph including the quote, is in brackets","lines 8-13"
410,"Theosophy Unvelied",36,"Entire paragraph is in brackets","lines 32-37"
411,"Theosophy Unvelied",37,"""CH RH on magnite(?)""","line15"
412,"Theosophy Unvelied",37,"""…entered…""","line 9"
413,"Theosophy Unvelied",37,"""At an 'entertainment,' give in the Old College Hall, Madras, Madame Coulomb produced the mask, which corresponded faily well with Colonel Olcott's account."" is in brackets (""the"" is underlined""","lines 35-37"
414,"Theosophy Unvelied",37,"""Damodar indeed claims to have conversed with one for hours,…"" to ""…forgets his own identity.""","lines 43-46"
415,"Theosophy Unvelied",43,"""curious!"" is written","line 28"
416,"Theosophy Unvelied",48,"Mark beside ""There is in truth..""","line 9"
417,"Theosophy Unvelied",49,"Mark and ""Quote!"" is written","line 15"
418,"Theosophy Unvelied",50,"""We have, on the contrary, to face the unpleeasant fact that the author and one or two others who…"" to ""September 24th, 1881"" is in brackets","lines 33-39"
419,"Theosophy Unvelied",51,"Mark beside ""Some of the Dailies and Weeklies-English as well as Vernacular-of..""","line 34"
420,"Theosophy Unvelied",53,"Mark written","lines 3-14"
421,"Theosophy Unvelied",53,"""To attribute them to Madame Coulomb is absurd. Compare her pamphlet with the style of the letters"" is in brackets","lines 15-16"
422,"Theosophy Unvelied",53,"""The game?!"" is written","lines 15-16"
423,"Theosophy Unvelied",57,"Paragraph is in brackets","lines 12-18"
424,"Theosophy Unvelied",72,"Mark beside ""The reader may not be able…""","line 10"
425,"Theosophy Unvelied",72,"Mark beside ""…their native land.""","line 14"
426,"Theosophy Unvelied",72,"""Mark beside ""…salary.""","line 19"
427,"Theosophy Unvelied",82,"""Madame Blavatsky.-This lady has been brought forward in these pages to show the moral effects of Theosophy""to ""…greater vulgarity."" is in brackets","lines 22-26"
428,"Theosophy Unvelied",82,"""The gauntlet has been thrown down by the 'Christian College Magazine' for Madame Blavatsky to prove in court the forgery of the letters which she disowns."" is in brackets","line 34-36"
429,"Theosophy Unvelied",84,"""In corrobration of a previous statement…""to ""A short time ago, the Emperor publicly renounced the fiction of his divine descent."" is in brackets","lines 38-46"
430,"Theosophy Unvelied",85,"""Of the great Eastern countries, Japan will probably be the first to embrace Christianity; India will follow, and then China."" is in brackets.","line 1-2"
431,"Theosophy Unvelied",85,"Mark written","line 4"
432,"Theosophy Unvelied",92,"Mark written","line 22"
433,"Theosophy Unvelied",93,"Mark written","line 32"
434,"Unknown Book",0,"""...'Enfants'!…"" is underlined","line 13-preface"
435,"Unknown Book",0,"""Letters!?"" is written","line 13-preface"
436,"Unknown Book",0,"""C"" is written above ""…way…""","line 1 (pg2) preface"
437,"Unknown Book",8,"""On the fifth of April of the same year,…"" to ""...of making myself useful."" is in brackets","lines 15-21"
438,"Unknown Book",8,"""Mar 2t.""(?) is written","line 15"
439,"Unknown Book",8,"""…seven days after…"" is underlined","line 16"
440,"Unknown Book",9,"""On another occasion, after we removed from…"" to ""…and afterwards slipped it through."" is in brackets","lines 9-18"
441,"Unknown Book",9,"There are notes written on the sides (yet they are in pencil and are hard to read).","lines 5-27"
442,"Unknown Book",9,"""107"" is circled","line 32"
443,"Unknown Book",14,"""S"" in ""sin"" is circled","line 3"
444,"Unknown Book",14,"""Disregards Capitals"" is written (the rest is hard to make out because it's written in pencil)","line 3"
445,"Unknown Book",15,"""Signed"" is circled","line 15"
446,"Unknown Book",15,"Mark beside ""came""","line 33"
447,"Unknown Book",15,"""I know from where 'it' came! Stores mire C did not.."" is written (the rest is hard to make out because it's in pencil)","bottom of page"
448,"Unknown Book",16,"""Let some days elapse"" is underlined and a ""!!"" is written underneath","line 5"
449,"Unknown Book",16,"""…tied up with my hair…"" is underlined and a ""E"" is written above","line 41"
450,"Unknown Book",17,"""new type (unknown word) No persuasive instructions on this type as (unknown words)!!!"" is written","line 10"
451,"Unknown Book",17,"""I enclose an envelope with cigarette paper in it.* I will drop another half of a cigarette behind the Queen's head where I dropped my hair the same day or Saturday."" is in brackets","lines 10-13"
452,"Unknown Book",17,"""Is the hair still there? And a cigarette still under the cover…"" to ""means to the place mentioned"" is in brackets","lines 13-23"
453,"Unknown Book",17,"There are marks beside ""Your"", ""faithfully"" and ""Signed"" are underlined","lines 15-16"
454,"Unknown Book",17,"""…on the fly…"" is underlined and ""Incorrect"" is written","line 17"
455,"Unknown Book",17,"""…had really…"" is underlined","line 22"
456,"Unknown Book",17,"""…often…"" is underlined","line 26"
457,"Unknown Book",17,"""yes. What are instructions here, 'please'?"" is written","line 37"
458,"Unknown Book",18,"""…fiasco…"" is circled","line 9"
459,"Unknown Book",18,"There is something written in reference to line 9, but it's in pencil, so it's hard to make it ou","line 9"
460,"Unknown Book",18,"""Signed"" is circled","line 14"
461,"Unknown Book",18,"""…and Benares where we are going on a vist…"" is underlined","lines 34-35"
462,"Unknown Book",18,"""…fine thing?…"" is circled","line 39-40"
463,"Unknown Book",18,"""RH=What HPB (unknown word) wrote omitted (unknown word)."" is written","side of page"
464,"Unknown Book",19,"Notes are written on top of page, but are in pencil and are hard to read","top of page"
465,"Unknown Book",19,"""Signed"" is circled and there is a ""?"" written above","line 27"
466,"Unknown Book",19,"""F"" in ""Fine"" is circled","line 37"
467,"Unknown Book",29,"""…through whom…"" is underlined","line 42"
468,"Unknown Book",31,"""…'See if you can make a head of human size'…"" is underlined","line 3"
469,"Unknown Book",31,"""For What?!"" is written","line 3"
470,"Unknown Book",31,"There are things written on the page, but they are too light to read","line 14-30"
471,"Unknown Book",32,"""…mark on the envelope which was afterwards returned to him…""","line 31-32"
472,"Unknown Book",33,"""…fixed…"" is circled and ""screws?"" is written on the side","line 16"
473,"Unknown Book",33,"""Astral Post Office"" is underlined","line 12"
474,"Unknown Book",33,"Something is written on the side, however, it's written in pencil and very hard to read","line 16"
475,"Unknown Book",35,"""…never for a moment during the interval lost sight of-…""","lines 8-9"
476,"Unknown Book",35,"""letter in answer"" is underlined","line 21"
477,"Unknown Book",35,"""handed to Mr. Coulomb by Mme. Blavatsky"" is underlined (""handed"", ""Mr."", and ""by"" are circled","lines 23-4"
478,"Unknown Book",35,"""under"" is circled","line 25"
479,"Unknown Book",36,"""The doll plays the greatest part…"" to ""used and answered the purpose."" is in brackets","lines 1-7"
480,"Unknown Book",37,"""s"" in ""rooms"" is circled","line 7"
481,"Unknown Book",38,"""RH did not!"" is written","line 1"
482,"Unknown Book",38,"""…this by going to the Crow's Next bungalow.."" is underlined","line 1"
483,"Unknown Book",39,"""…dropped on the table…"" is underlined","line 1"
484,"Unknown Book",41,"""The long ladder must be got in, and placed to the opening on the ceiling.."" is underlined (long is circled)","line 1-2"
485,"Unknown Book",41,"""…real Koot-Hoomi…"" is underlined","line 9"
486,"Unknown Book",41,"""…bigotry and blind faith in this new doctrine…"" is underlined","line 20"
487,"Unknown Book",42,"""…magnetically…"" is circled","line 3"
488,"Unknown Book",42,"""…Bombay…"" is circled","line 3"
489,"Unknown Book",42,"""…the Brothers…"" is in brackets","lines 32-33"
490,"Unknown Book",42,"""…Koothoomi…"" is circled","line 36"
491,"Unknown Book",42,"""*'Chrisopholo' was our 'occult' name for the doll (Koot Hoomi); I have burnt him in a fit of disgust at the imposture."" is underlined","lines 41-42"
492,"Unknown Book",43,"""How can it be otherwise!"" is in parenthesis","lines 9-10"
493,"Unknown Book",44,"""Damodar"" is underlined","line 4"
494,"Unknown Book",44,"""in a miraculous way"" is in parenthesis","line 4"
495,"Unknown Book",44,"""Come off greedy(?)?"" is written","top of page"
496,"Unknown Book",44,"""real?"" is written","line 14"
497,"Unknown Book",45,"""Be good enough…"" paragraph is in brackets","lines 13-23"
498,"Unknown Book",45,"""N"" is written","line 24"
499,"Unknown Book",46,"""For the love of St. Joseph…"" paragraph is in brackets","lines 1-11"
500,"Unknown Book",46,"""You see therefore that you…"" paragraph is in brackets","lines 11-19"
501,"Unknown Book",46,""" astral letter."" is in parenthesis","lines 24-25"
502,"Unknown Book",46,"""All yours, H.P.B"" is circled","lines 28-29"
503,"Unknown Book",47,"""N"" is written","line 29"
504,"Unknown Book",0,"""When left to thee perdris (?), her prospects prospered, but when she took them one in the (unknown word), she buried her 'case'!!"" is written on a scrap of something","n/a"
505,"Unknown Book",0,"On the same scrap, there are numerous sentences written in pencil that are unreadable","n/a"
506,"Unknown Book",48,"Everything on this page is written in pencil, which is unreadable","n/a"
507,"Unknown Book",49,"""under"" is underlined","line 7"
508,"Unknown Book",49,"""orange"" is underlined","line 7"
509,"Unknown Book",49,"""Hungarian fashion"" is underlined","line 9"
510,"Unknown Book",49,"Something is written on the side that is unreadable","line 9"
511,"Unknown Book",49,"""top"" is circled","line 21"
512,"Unknown Book",50,"""he has since been called"" is underlined","line 10"
513,"Unknown Book",50,"""afterwards"" is underlined","line 12"
514,"Unknown Book",50,"""those who had been of the party were not to shake hands with any body except Madame."" is underlined","lines 16-17"
515,"Unknown Book",50,"""Were going to fever relatives can(?) this!!!"" is written","lines 16-17"
516,"Unknown Book",50,"""told"" is circled","line 22"
517,"Unknown Book",50,"""?"" is written","line 22"
518,"Unknown Book",50,"""started with them"" is underlined","line 29"
519,"Unknown Book",50,"""But there is no peace for the wicked, says Isaiah, no more there was any for the Coulombs!"" is in brackets","lines 34-36"
520,"Unknown Book",51,"""This is out of my place, my fear!"" is written","line 7"
521,"Unknown Book",51,"""The one which gave light to Baboula's sleeping place and passage was to be turned into a book-shelf which is the present one with the looking-glass door."" is in brackets","lines 4-7"
522,"Unknown Book",51,"""establish a permanent apparatus for the transmission of the occult correspondence"" is underlined","lines 16-17"
523,"Unknown Book",51,"""At first she thought of utilizing a cabinet made by Mr. Wimbridge and indeed for a short time she did use it!"" is underlined","lines 18-20"
524,"Unknown Book",51,"""yellow stain"" is circled, then Xed out.","line 20"
525,"Unknown Book",51,"Something is written in pencil, which is unreadable","line 20"
526,"Unknown Book",51,"""taken out"" is underlined","line 41"
527,"Unknown Book",51,"""necessity"" is underlined","line 41"
528,"Unknown Book",51,"""pulling the panel up all"" is underlined","line 43"
529,"Unknown Book",52,"""lower"" is circled","line 2"
530,"Unknown Book",52,"""groove"" is circled","line 3"
531,"Unknown Book",52,"There are quite a few things written in pencil that are very difficult to make out","n/a"
532,"Unknown Book",52,"""against"" is underlined","line 5"
533,"Unknown Book",52,"""7 or"" is circled","line 9"
534,"Unknown Book",52,"""length"" is underlined","line 10"
535,"Unknown Book",52,"Mark beside ""quite""","line 12"
536,"Unknown Book",52,"""against"" is circled","line 14"
537,"Unknown Book",52,"""glass"" is circled","line 15"
538,"Unknown Book",52,"""Bombay"" is circled","line 16"
539,"Unknown Book",52,"The ""s"" in ""panels"" is circled","line 17"
540,"Unknown Book",52,"""…that.."" is circled","line 19"
541,"Unknown Book",52,"""…neither.."" is underlined","line 25"
542,"Unknown Book",53,"There is text written on this page, but it's in pencil and very difficult to read","line 31-42"
543,"Unknown Book",54,"""little later…"" is underlined","line 5"
544,"Unknown Book",54,"""phenomena"" is circled","line 17"
545,"Unknown Book",54,"""May 26"" is written","above line 1"
546,"Unknown Book",54,"""?"" is written after ""…presence of..""","line 22"
547,"Unknown Book",54,""" "" "" is circled, along with ""wrote"", ""her"", ""I"", ""was"", ""I"", and ""said"".","lines 25-27"
548,"Unknown Book",54,"""13th July"" is circled","line 29"
549,"Unknown Book",54,"""This seems to be the one alleged quotation that is siy(?)-revealing!"" is written","line 27"
550,"Unknown Book",54,"""slip"" is circled","line 32"
551,"Unknown Book",54,"""probably refers to Morgan note"" is written and referenced","line 35"
552,"Unknown Book",55,"""No receipts are shown"" is written","line 8"
553,"Unknown Book",55,"""Register"" is underlined","line 9"
554,"Unknown Book",55,"""letter"" is underlined; ""???"" is written","line 12"
555,"Unknown Book",55,"""not wait"" is circled; ""Why?"" is written","line 22"
556,"Unknown Book",55,"""Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, really a Slip!!!"" is written","line 39"
557,"Unknown Book",56,"""Similia cup"" is circled; ""?"" is written","line 12"
558,"Unknown Book",56,"""No slips were (unknown word) in O. Sips went with them into mural temple!"" is written","line 19"
559,"Unknown Book",56,"""Slip"" is circled","line 19"
560,"Unknown Book",56,"""R"" is written","line 30"
561,"Unknown Book",56,"Mark beside ""It is probable…""","line 40"
562,"Unknown Book",57,"""flower"" and ""pot"" are underlined","lines 7-8"
563,"Unknown Book",57,"""No flower (unknown word) No Pot (unknown word)""","lines 7-8"
564,"Unknown Book",58,"""heaven"" is underlined","line 4"
565,"Unknown Book",58,"There are a few notes, but they are written in pencial, which is unreadable","line 10/line 36"
566,"Unknown Book",58,"""slip"" is circled","line 13"
567,"Unknown Book",59,"""sent it by a friend of his to Mme. Blavatsky"" is underlined","line 16-17"
568,"Unknown Book",59,"""wire"" is circled","line 32"
569,"Unknown Book",59,"""RGM? + wire spring wire"" is written","line 32"
570,"Unknown Book",59,"""Later, idition has been mutilated"" is written","bottom of page"
571,"Unknown Book",59,"""Genuine"" is written","bottom of page"
572,"Unknown Book",59,"There are two comments written in pencil that can't be made out","all"
573,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",277,"""Serepis"" is written","lines 33-35"
574,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",290,"From ""We shall.."" to ""grows the mystery'"" is in brackets","lines 33-36"
575,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",291,"""those"" is circled","line 6"
576,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",291,"""Mahi Sahih"" is written; ""ODL 1. 247"" is written","line 6"
577,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",291,"""Yes, see HPB t line 1875 philad""","line 16"
578,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",291,"""Mark through ""-""","line 27"
579,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",291,"Mark beside ""Hence..""","line 35"
580,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",291,"Mark before ""When I am dead…""","line 37"
581,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",291,"Mark above ""Helena""","line 41"
582,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",299,"""August 12"" is marked out as well as ""met"" and ""met him at Ranesgate, late Aug. 12"" is written","bottom of page"
583,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",300,"Text under ""1852"" is marked out","line 5"
584,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",300,"""1853"" is marked out and ""1854"" is written in it's place","line 7"
585,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",300,"""1857"" is written and placed above ""South India""","line 10"
586,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",300,"""left owing"" is circled","line 14"
587,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",300,"""1854"" is marked out and ""1852"" is written in it's place","line 17"
588,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",300,"""Mexico"" is written and placed after San Francicso","line 20"
589,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",300,"""1855"" is marked out and ""1853"" is written in it's place","line 21"
590,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",300,"Something is written under ""..border with Tartar Shaman"" in pencil, but it's illegiable","line 30"
591,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",300,"""China"" is written under ""Dutch ship""","line 34"
592,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",300,"Something is written in pencil, but it's hard to read it","bottom of page"
593,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",301,"""Get"" is written underneath ""Billier-French)..""","line 23"
594,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",301,"""Servia"", ""Karpat Mts."", ""In Tibet with Master"", "" In Tibet with Master"" are crossed out","lines 26-30"
595,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",301,"""1867-8"" ""1869-8-9-70-71"" ""8 years unaccounted"" ""3 1/2 in (Greater) Tibet"" are written","bottom of page"
596,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",306,"""At Simla"" is circled","line 1"
597,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",306,"""628""; ""*""; ""Crow's nest"" are written","line 7"
598,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",306,"""Mr. and Mrs. Sinnett go to England"" is underlined","line 10"
599,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",306,"""Mr. Sinnett returns"" is underlined; ""trap at Crow's Nest"" is written","line 11"
600,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",306,"""Oct."" is circled; ""Destroyer says BH"" is written""; ""Simila"" is underlined","line 14"
601,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",306,"""Nov."" is crossed out; ""Oct"" is written in it's place; ""Lefted…"" is written (that's the only thing readable""","line 32"
602,"Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky",307,"""H.P.B.'s Voice of the Silence is published"" is crossed out; ""?"" is written","line 47"
603,"The Story of Prophecy",315,"Mark beside ""possible assassination of a president""","line 23"
604,"MME. Blavatsky Defended",0,"""p 36 Bd 2 'close' relative! 77"" is written","top of page"
605,"MME. Blavatsky Defended",36,"Mark written","line 17"
606,"MME. Blavatsky Defended",50,"Mark written","line 11"
607,"MME. Blavatsky Defended",62,"Mark written","line 16"
608,"MME. Blavatsky Defended",77,"Mark written","line 23"
609,"The Early Teachings of the Masters",120,"Mark written","line 6"
610,"The Early Teachings of the Masters",121,"Mark written","line 28"
611,"The Early Teachings of the Masters",122,"Mark written","line 26"
612,"Secret Societies in England",308,"Mark written","line 12"
613,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",15,"Mark written","line 11"
614,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",18,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 1-3"
615,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",18,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 19-25"
616,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",28,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 1-12"
617,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",28,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 13-17"
618,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",28,"""Home confirms this story…"" in brackets","line 18"
619,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",32,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 7-10"
620,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",32,"Paragraph in brackets to ""…killed her…""; ""her"",""she"", ""with"", ""back"",""cabinet"" and ""fiasco"" are all underlined","lines 12-19"
621,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",32,"Text in brackets","lines 24-27"
622,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",34,"Text in brackets (continued on page 35)","lines 26-27"
623,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",35,"Text in brackets (continued from page 34)","lines 1-2"
624,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",35,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 25-27"
625,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",36,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 1-14"
626,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",37,"""These she generally favoured Colonel Olcott with, and drew sums of money from the credulous old gentleman…"" is in brackets","lines 14-16"
627,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",38,"""The theory of reincarnation, which is the chief plank of the present Society, was left out altogethe."" is in brackets","lines 18-20"
628,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",38,"Mark written","line 23"
629,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",39,"Mark written","line 2"
630,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",46,"""There is no doubt that up to this time he was the dupe of Madame Blavatsky, but afterwards he appears to have thrown his lot in with her, and tried to make the best of a bad job."" is in brackets","lines 13-17"
631,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",46,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 18-24"
632,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",46,"""Madame tried many artful dodges to keep it alive. On one occa-…"" is in brackets (continued on page 47)","lines 26-27"
633,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",47,"Entire page is continued in brackets from 47","line 1-15"
634,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",49,"""Madame, I presume, tried to impress him with her supernatural power, but Dayanand was too cute for her."" is in brackets;Mark beside this.","lines 10-12"
635,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",50,"Mark written","line 4"
636,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",50,"""These matters the Colonel arranged for her."" is in brackets","lines 8-9"
637,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",51,"""He was fortunate in finding Mr. and Mrs. Coulomb sick…."" to ""they made a clean breast of the whole fraud."" is in brackets","lines 9-16"
638,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",51,"""...incriminating…"" is underlined","line 24"
639,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",51,"Mark written","line 23"
640,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",51,"""Some of them were of extraordinary length, covering several sheets of foolscap."" is in brackets","lines 25-27"
641,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",52,"""Writing experts have said that it is utterly impossible for the letters to have been forged, containing,as they do, every peculiarity of Madame's handwriting, spelling and composition."" is in brackets","lines 2-6"
642,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",52,"Paragraph in brackets (continued on page 53)","lines 13-18"
643,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",52,"""All the Mahatma letters published by the Theosophical Society have been greatly edited both in phrasing and spellin: the originals are exactly like Madame Blavatsky's"" is in brackets","lines 19-22"
644,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",53,"""...-posure the Theosophical Society nearly collapsed;…"" is in brackets","lines 1-2"
645,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",57,"""a"", ""hash"", ""of"", ""Eastern"", ""dogmas"" and ""proved"" are in brackets","lines 6-7"
646,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",57,"""Sanscript scholars have proved that it is full of plagiarisms; in some places they have found whole pages copied bodily, with a little alteration in the text."" is in brackets","lines 7-11"
647,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",57,"""Madame Blavatsky was an exceedingly clever woman and possessed great literary ability"" is in brackets","lines 25-27"
648,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",58,"""She was almost as clever with her pencil…"" to ""She was suspected and watched by four gentlemen.."" is in brackets","lines 16-27"
649,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",69,"Mark is written","line 7"
650,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",69,"Mark is written","line 171"
651,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",75,"""He knew all about Mahatma letters and Chinese paper"" is in brackets","lines 10-12"
652,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",81,"""Re Brahmans"" is written (after""Master"")","line 10"
653,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",83,"Mark is written","line 10"
654,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",83,"""Mr. Little has also proved that the Mahatma letters were written by Madame Blavatsky, for he has pointed out certain peculiarites of her composition and spelling in them."" is in brackets","lines 15-19"
655,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",84,"""…all the flap-doodle miracles recorded by Mr. Sinnett and others could have been accomplished by a tyro in conjuring"" is in brackets","lines 8-10"
656,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",84,"""The most extraordinary thing about the Theosophical Society is that, in face…"" is in brackets (continued on page 85)","lines 26-27"
657,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",85,"""…of all these exposures, it has flourished."" is in brackets (continued from page 84)","line 1"
658,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",89,"Mark is written","line 6"
659,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",89,"""John and the Mahatmas are all big, swarthy fellows, with heavy, black beards, dressed in long robes of thin white calico and turbans to match."" is in brackets (continued on page 90)","lines 24-27"
660,"The Fraud of Modern ""Theosophy"" Exposed",90,"""Anything more unlike Tibetans it is difficult to imagine"" is in brackets (continued from page 89)","lines 1-2"
661,"Ressurection Life & Power",8,"""…so the fruit of Christ's life and spirit was formed in them."" is in brackets","lines 21-22"
662,"Ressurection Life & Power",8,"""Joy, the very joy of Jesus, was perfected in them."" is in brackets","line 32"
663,"Ressurection Life & Power",9,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 20-23"
664,"Ressurection Life & Power",14,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 29-32"
665,"Ressurection Life & Power",16,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 12-24"
666,"Ressurection Life & Power",18,"""His life and power is your portion, my precious comrade. Rise up in glad faith before Him and claim in now."" is in brackets","lines 26-28"
667,"Ressurection Life & Power",22,"""…it grasps the promises and fixes its eyes upon His unchangeable character of wisdom and love…"" is in brackets","lines 13-15"
668,"Ressurection Life & Power",58,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 13-30"
669,"Ressurection Life & Power",60,"""Faith in Christ is more than mere intellectual assent. It is a vital, throbbing, transforming moral assent that carries the soul into experimental fellowship and union with Christ."" is in brackets","lines 1-4"
670,"Ressurection Life & Power",134,"""…penitent-form…"" is in brackets","line 10"
671,"Ressurection Life & Power",135,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 15-22"
672,"Ressurection Life & Power",140,"""…much prayer"" is in brackets","line 1"
673,"Ressurection Life & Power",140,"""...'Why art thou cast down, O my soul, and why art thou diquieted within me? Hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise Him, who is the health of my countenance and my God.'..."" is in brackets","lines 25-28"
674,"Ressurection Life & Power",141,"""God will not fail, and we must hope on through strom and stress until the dawn of a perfect day"" is in brackets","lines 2-4"
675,"Ressurection Life & Power",141,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 5-10"
676,"Ressurection Life & Power",141,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 27-30"
677,"Ressurection Life & Power",147,"""…but to the man who keeps glad in God, who rejoices and prays and trusts in the teeth of Hell, the path grows brighter onto the perfect day. God has pledged Himself to stand by that man."" is in brackets","lines 27-31"
678,"Ressurection Life & Power",149,"""…that shine with undimmed splendour through the centuries"" is in brackets","lines 19-20"
679,"Ressurection Life & Power",156,"""But just as the boat on the stormy sea could not go down with Jesus on board, so the soul cannot be defeated with the Comforter abiding within"" is in brackets","lines 18-21"
680,"Ressurection Life & Power",158,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 5-18"
681,"Ressurection Life & Power",158,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 19-22"
682,"Ressurection Life & Power",162,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 23-29"
683,"Ressurection Life & Power",163,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 16-32"
684,"Ressurection Life & Power",164,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 15-32"
685,"Ressurection Life & Power",171,"""...'Hold it for ceratin that all such thoughts as creat disquiet proceed not from God, who is the Prince of Peace, but from the Devil, or from self-live, or from the good opinion we have of ourselves.'..."" is in brackets","lines 18-22"
686,"Ressurection Life & Power",174,"""...'Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. Behold, I have graven thee ipon the palms of My hands' (Isaiah xlix. 15. 16). 'I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away' (Isaiah xli. 9)."" is in brackets","lines 4-8"
687,"Ressurection Life & Power",176,"""They hardned their hearts, and declared that the miracles He wrought in the power of the Spirit were wrought, not by the Holy Spirit, but by Beelzebub, the prince of devils."" is in brackets","lines 17-27"
688,"Ressurection Life & Power",177,"""There was sin, ripe and full and unpardonable because it had carried those who were committing it beyong the power of tears and penitence and sorrow for sin. And such is the sin against the Holy Ghost, which hath never forgiveness…"" is in brackets","lines 24-30"
689,"Ressurection Life & Power",180,"Mark written","line 3"
690,"Ressurection Life & Power",181,"""That instead of making sounds which are unintelligible both to ourselves and others, we should most earnestly desire to sing, and pray, and speak with the understanding"" is in brackets","lines 3-6"
691,"Ressurection Life & Power",181,"""That Apostle considers prophecy to be two thousand times more valuable than speaking in unknown tongues"" is in brackets","lines 17-19"
692,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",0,"""pg 381-83 (underlined) 'rebuild' HPB's room as library. Sept/86 FGN (unknown name) pp. 105, 236"" is written","top of page"
693,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",13,"""Evening June 6, 38"" is written","line 18"
694,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",13,"""care naught for the fruits of action"" is underlined","line 18"
695,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",20,"""Not the Miss Parker of N.Y. then"" is written","line 1"
696,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",20,"""No healing was atoned after this."" is written","line 16"
697,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",22,"""West to Persia Savana affairs"" is written","line 23"
698,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",29,"""…'No 10'…"" is written","line 25"
699,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",33,"""What about message (unknown words)?"" is written","line 23"
700,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",33,"""…incapable…"" is underlined","line 23"
701,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",36,"""…'Where had O. seen KH? M Golden Temple 1880'…""is written","line 7"
702,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",40,"""…'Los'…"" is written","line 29"
703,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",54,"""…'SPR could say HPB know word and had told Dom.'…"" is written","line 17"
704,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",63,"""…before the opening of Convention…"" is in parenthesis; ""?"" is written","line 7-8"
705,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",63,"""the"" and ""that is in it"" are written; ""…you will find there."" is underlined","line 16"
706,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",63,"""This was package pulminary."" is written","line 16"
707,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",63,"""…was given the packet…"" is underlined; ""…and bidden to open it…"" is in brackets","lines 19-20"
708,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",63,"""S. Jager (?) tells a different story."" is written","line 16"
709,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",63,"""forth"" is circled","line 21"
710,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",63,"""the"" is circled","line 24"
711,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",63,"""-Blf. No priest to view -no quote"" is written","line 24"
712,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",63,"""OOO much good show lost by time"" is written","line 24"
713,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",63,"""Solved 3133 (unknown words) May' 1973 "" is written","bottom of page"
714,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",63,"""may have been a litter without Rupees-"" is written","bottom of page"
715,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",63,"""sitting beside dear seat one shaping in her hospital bed""","bottom of page"
716,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",74,"""Fitter from O. G her says differently"" is written","line 4"
717,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",74,"""'Counterlecture by O.H.' in HPB's letters to constant","bottom of page"
718,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",75,"""I put up a temporary kitchen for her at the N.W. corner of the roof,…"" is underlined","lines 8-9"
719,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",75,"""...had to go outside on the back verandah and mount by an inclosed brick staircase. When the door at its foot was locked, no one could get to the upper rooms."" is underlined","lines 15-17"
720,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",75,"""…and cut down a blocked-up window in H.P.B.'s room into a door"" is underlined","lines 18-19"
721,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",259,"""Who but authorities would have the reason and means to send to HSO the report from Sikkin?"" is written","line 31"
722,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",261,"Something is written, but it's in pencil and is unreadable","line 8"
723,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",261,"""Fancy but given the Who of this amazing diary Egotest"" is written","line 16"
724,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",262,"""…known only to Mme B. and myself"" is underlined","line 1"
725,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",262,"""discussed the plans in view and the persons concerned","line 24"
726,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",262,"""..""Why? But if the Masters intervened.'.."" is written","line 27"
727,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",263,"""Whom?"" is written","line 10"
728,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",263,"""...who was..."" is underlined","line 17"
729,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",263,"""him to"" is underlined","line 18"
730,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",263,"""of"" is underlined","line 19"
731,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",263,"""party"" is underlined","line 22"
732,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",263,"""What party?"" is written","line 22"
733,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",264,"""No mention of Sikkim"" is written","line 4"
734,"Old Diary Leaves 3rd",265,"""A test of vanity""","line 13"
735,"Phenomena of Spiritualism",12,"Mark written","line 18"
736,"Phenomena of Spiritualism",13,"Mark written","lines 17-18"
737,"Incidents in the Life of M. Blav.",156,"""Omit 204"" is written","line 4"
738,"Incidents in the Life of M. Blav.",156,"""208"" is written","line 14"
739,"Incidents in the Life of M. Blav.",157,"""206"" is written","line 7"
740,"Incidents in the Life of M. Blav.",157,"""inner Ego"" is underlined","line 28"
741,"Incidents in the Life of M. Blav.",157,"""207"" is written","line 34"
742,"Combined Chronolgy",7,"""Lines"", ""low"", ""low"", ""4"",""5"",""4"",""2"",""4"" are written","lines 17-25"
743,"Incidents in the Life of M. Blav.",7,"""BL"" is underlined","line 25"
744,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",0,"""Tibet 59-60"", ""Defence 60-61"", ""217-18. 207. 90"", ""Chied & Sun. 208, 218, 5"" W=e-33-5, 41-2, 49, 58-?"", ""211, 212"" ""Hondurity Experts -58"" are written","top of page"
745,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",0,"""charges of fraud, deception, and improper conduct by the founder."" is in brackets","lines 19-20"
746,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",0,"""Most of the responses written by Theosophist have manifested a second bias. They have offered blanket defenses of Theosophy, often responding to critics not in terms of the substance…"" to ""discredit the critics personally""","lines 20-25"
747,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",0,"""so next page"" is written","bottom of page"
748,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",0,"""for lending illustrations used in the book: Emmett Small, Boris de Zirkoff, the Theosophical Society in America, and the Theosophy Company of Los Angelos"" is in brackets","lines 1-3"
749,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",0,"""In the both"" is written above with something else marked out above it","top of page"
750,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",0,"There are comments written in pencil, but they are unreadable","lines 4-15"
751,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",4,"""Omits (unknown words) witness""","line 29"
752,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",5,"Paragraphs in brackets","lines 8-39"
753,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",5,"""Critics have challenged the authenticity of this crucial sentence in the certificate"" is in brackets","lines 36-37"
754,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",6,"""A"" is written","line 8"
755,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",6,"""pulled down the red cloth lining"" is in brackets","line 12"
756,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",6,"""closet (of a) bedroom"" is in brackets","line 12"
757,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",6,"""found pieces of string hanging from a long glove stuffed with cotton"" is in brackets","lines 13-14"
758,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",6,"""…'dummy arm'…"" is in quotations","line 14"
759,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",6,"""used to represent the materialized"" is in brackets","line 14"
760,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",6,"""of a spirit"" is in brackets","line 15"
761,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",6,"""head and worn"" is written","line 16"
762,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",32,"""…charges of plagiarism"" is in brackets","lines 31-32"
763,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",33,"""32 x"" is written","line 16"
764,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",33,"""about two thousand plagiarized passages"" is in parenthesis","line 21"
765,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",33,"""USS App. C Probe"" is written","line 22"
766,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",33,"""about fourteen hundred works are quoted from and referred to in ""Isis, H.P.B. had used about one hundred books in compiling 'her work' "" is in quotations","lines 24-26"
767,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",33,"""…nearly all current nineteenth-century works on occultism. Her quotations of mystics and classical authors…"" to ""...Celeman published a table of what he considered to be the sources plagiarized most extensively"" is in brackets","lines 27-30"
768,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",33,"""GW p412 lists of (unknown word) passages in 'Isis Unmasked'"" is written","bottom of page"
769,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",33,"""-part (w all) in GW""; ""GW p339""; ""GW p337""; ""GW p337""; ""GW p415""; ""GW p415""; ""GW p410"" is written","lines 33-41"
770,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",33,"""must be in missing Gibson Parts 3,4"" is written","bottom of page"
771,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",34,"""GW p340""; ""GW 341""; ""350 (something is written, but it's illegable)""; ""CW p340, p341""; ""B2 GW p340""; ""GW p339"";""GW p410"" (36 and 17 are circled)","lines 1-8"
772,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",34,"""A sample of several dozen of the alleged plagiarism were checked in the research for this book"" is in brackets","lines 10-11"
773,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",34,"""these quotations"" is underlined (""quotations"" is in brackets)","line 13"
774,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",34,"""8. Ditto for BC""; ""BC fails to give WEC's definition of 'plagarism'"" is written","lines 32-39"
775,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",36,"""(II, 639)"" is circled","line 11"
776,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",36,"""Check source of Dfs"";""1972 sweet under 'SD'""; ""The SD e7""; ""let entry 7th entry"";""all others on this page from ULT chr."";""Say Jack"";""'Wisdom Pilgrim' (2)""; ""'Dearst Dr Lina'""(2); ""'Religion'"";""(1) =7/7""; ""ind:locations 6 quotes"" are written","lines 13-33"
777,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",36,"""(I, 444)"" is circled","line 14"
778,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",36,"""speaks of recognition of the Hermetic philosophy or ancient universal wisdom-religion as 'the only possible key to the Absolute in science and theology (I, vii)"" is in brackets","lines 15-17"
779,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",36,"""(11, 99)"" is circled","line 30"
780,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",36,"""(I, 613)"" is circled","line 41"
781,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",37,"""No hex to ULD capp Indca""; ""the fund in this G. edsa 1945 and of…""","top of page"
782,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",37,"""154"";""285"";""295""; ""(I, 295)""; ""(I,301); ""(I,301); ""(303)""; ""(319)"";""(II,593)""; ""(I,296)"";""(I,154)"";""(II, 639)"" is circled","lines 3-31"
783,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",37,"Text is written, but's it's too blurry to read","whole page"
784,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",38,"""457"";""106"";""403"";""590""; ""(II,536-537)""; ""589""; ""142"";""169"" are circled","lines 4-5/33-39"
785,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",38,"""Index 'The cradle the human row' p.662"" and ""p589 'the cradle of humanity'"" is written","bottom of page"
786,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",39,"""142""; ""II,588;""; ""212""; ""327""; ""362"";""367"" are circled","line 10/20"
787,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",39,"""pg 33"" is written""","line 17"
788,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",39,"""See Fargh p225"" is written on side","line 11"
789,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",39,"""man has a triune nature. Madame Blavatsky lists the elements in the 'fundamental propositions' placed at the conclusion of the work:"" to ""II, 588"" is in brackets","lines 14-20"
790,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",39,"Mark written","lines 14/16/22/29"
791,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",39,"There is text written, but it's very much unreadable","bottom of page"
792,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",41,"""Ed Fawcett, a young scientist, supplied appropiate quotations and wrote many pages for the scientific sections."" is in brackets","lines 4-6"
793,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",41,"""?"";""-? Questions?"" are written","lines 4-6"
794,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",41,"""as HPG in OD said"" is written","line 23"
795,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",41,"""VSS p321 c"" is written","line 43"
796,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",42,"""K.200 c-check quote"" is written","line 15"
797,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",42,"""K.201"";""2 Buhm quotes (11-12)"";""K.201"":""K202"";""K203"" are written","lines 29-39"
798,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",42,"""11"" is circled","line 30"
799,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",43,"""204"";""207"";""207"";""206"";""204"";""!"";""209"";""208"" are written","lines 3-33"
800,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",0,"""Articles of Incorporation By Lewis-odd motto, Me by Moral""","n/a"
801,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",0,"""Coleman on IV progressions""-via MG-Prely to Berkley on HPB & UFO! Summary on ML/BCL & FGN Dept. MC outline 1 & 2 & MC letter article on L.Sp of (unknown word)""","n/a"
802,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",0,"""To MC on Oct 23, 1974 vision"" Psychic News""-VA 1/2 on Sec. B7 11/74""","n/a"
803,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",0,"""'Theosophy' on Kamanape (quote) in contrast mind-(unknown word) and read.."" is written (the rest is hard to read)","n/a"
804,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",0,"""I-20-22"";""8""; ""14-72"";""13-55""; ""5, 8, 59"";""71-2-3-4-5"";""76-7-8""; ""82"" are written","n/a"
805,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",44,"""All quoted"";""209B""; ""diversion"";""217c""; ""219c"";""228b"";""223"";""222"";""222A""; ""223B""; ""223C"";""226"" are written","lines 1/3/5/8/11/17/20/22/25/27/32/33"
806,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",44,"""12"" is circled","line 6"
807,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",45,"""223 B"" is written","line 3"
808,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",45,"""225 C"" is written","line 9"
809,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",217,"Mark written","line 10"
810,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",217,"""we.."" is circled","line 18"
811,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",217,"Mark written","line 22"
812,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",217,"Mark written","line 24"
813,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",217,"Mark written","line 25"
814,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",217,"Mark written","line 30"
815,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",217,"""(unknown words) to this X p"" is written","line 33"
816,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",217,"""responded"" is underlined","line 38"
817,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",226,"""N.B."" is written","line 10"
818,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",226,"""Page VAE"" is written","line 13"
819,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",226,"""But still what?"" is written","line 23"
820,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",226,"""The author has heard reports of an esoteric group in the U.L.T., but has not been able to discover any firm information about it."" is in brackets","lines 12-14"
821,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",226,"""…superhuman powers…"" is in brackets","line 23"
822,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",226,"""get"" is written","line 34"
823,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",229,"""1967"" is circled; Mark is written","line 33"
824,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",232,"Mark is written;""1965"" is circled","line 25"
825,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",232,"""Check"" is written","line 34"
826,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",232,"""get"" is written","line 38"
827,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",232,"""N"" is written","line 40"
828,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",240,"""get"" is written","line 27"
829,"Ancient Wisdom Revised",241,"Mark is written","line 9"
830,"Masters of the Occult",130,"Mark is written;""HPB GMW apendix"";""coping from GMW"" is written","lines 10-18"
831,"Masters of the Occult",130,"Space between ""fact"" and ""that"" is circled","line 11"
832,"Masters of the Occult",130,"""as"" is circled and marked out;"","" is written and circled","line 11"
833,"Masters of the Occult",134,"""see GMW p36"" is written","line 8"
834,"Masters of the Occult",135,"Mark written; ""Written""is written; ""GMW 38"" is written","line 9"
835,"Masters of the Occult",135,"""GMW 48"" is written","lines 21-22"
836,"Masters of the Occult",135,"Something is written here, but it's in pencil and unreadable","line 27"
837,"Masters of the Occult",136,"Something is written here, but it's in pencil and unreadable","line 29"
838,"Masters of the Occult",137,"Mark written","line 21"
839,"Masters of the Occult",140,"Something is written here, but it's in pencil and unreadable","bottom of page"
840,"Masters of the Occult",141,"""to"" is circled","line 2"
841,"Masters of the Occult",142,"""bunk"" is written","line 5"
842,"Masters of the Occult",142,"Mark is written","line 23"
843,"Masters of the Occult",142,"""We keep watch over our faithful solider"" is in brackets and underlined","line 23"
844,"Masters of the Occult",142,"""p149"" is written","line 9"
845,"Masters of the Occult",144,"Again, something is written here, but it's in pencil and unreadable","bottom of page"
846,"Masters of the Occult",146,"The ""I"" in ""Iisis"" is circled","line 9"
847,"Masters of the Occult",146,"""plagiarized"" is underlined","line 5"
848,"Masters of the Occult",146,"""He had led H.P.B and Olcott on by tales of the great riches he was going to leave the Theosophical Socety when he died.""","lines 28-30"
849,"Masters of the Occult",147,"Mark written","line 17"
850,"Masters of the Occult",147,"""s"" in ""slanderous…"" is circled","line 20"
851,"Masters of the Occult",147,"""No"" is circled","line 22"
852,"Masters of the Occult",147,"""New p 332-33 ef. CW I p.248"";""p18"" are written","bottom of page"
853,"Masters of the Occult",148,"""I hereby give notice that if any more unverifiable slanders can be traced to responsible sources"" is in circled-brackets","lines 1-2"
854,"Masters of the Occult",148,"""GW=392 on=302"" is written","lines 5-6"
855,"Masters of the Occult",148,"""392"" is crossed out","line 7"
856,"Masters of the Occult",149,"""No"" is written","line 3"
857,"Masters of the Occult",149,"""Bunk"" is written","line 22"
858,"Masters of the Occult",149,"Mark is written","line 30"
859,"Masters of the Occult",151,"""GMW X 139"" is written","line 9"
860,"Masters of the Occult",152,"""GMW p149"" is written (brackets are marked)","lines 16-18"
861,"Masters of the Occult",159,"""Madam Coulomb was one person with H.P.B. did not have to pretend."" to ""…years of watching H.P.B.'s tricks he was still suceptible to them."" is in brackets","lines 1-20"
862,"Masters of the Occult",159,"""X"" is written and circled","line 2"
863,"Masters of the Occult",159,"""||X"" is written","line 7"
864,"Masters of the Occult",159,"""202"";""202"" is written;""…hung from the ceiling of a tiny secret room"" is underlined","lines 9-10"
865,"Masters of the Occult",159,"""203 GMW p203"" is written; ""…and unhappy man"" is underlined","lines 11-15"
866,"Masters of the Occult",161,"""The Society for Psychical Research has had a mixed record..""to""..been a remarkable diplomat""","lines 3-13"
867,"Masters of the Occult",161,"""|| X (circled) px107"" is written","line 17"
868,"Masters of the Occult",161,"""GMW p243"" is written","line 30"
869,"Masters of the Occult",162,"""X"" is written","lines 16-20"
870,"Masters of the Occult",162,"""X"";""!"";""24""l""left out works put on see X p163"" is written","lines 21-30"
871,"Masters of the Occult",162,"""of"" is circled","line 28"
872,"Masters of the Occult",162,"""Own"" is written and added before ""part""","line 24"
873,"Masters of the Occult",163,"""X"";""163"" is written","lines 1-2"
874,"Masters of the Occult",163,"""Com p208"" is written","line 4"
875,"Masters of the Occult",164,"""X"";""check quote"";""GMS 335-6-7"";""GMW changed punctation and paragraph"" is written","lines 16-30"
876,"Masters of the Occult",164,""";"" is circled after ""wood""","line 21"
877,"Masters of the Occult",165,"""M"" in ""Master is circled; "";"" after ""imagination"" is circled""; ""invented"" is underlined""; ""all"" is circled; ""spiritualistic"" and spiritists"" are underlined","lines 2-5"
878,"Masters of the Occult",165,"""No Para"" is written","line 6"
879,"Masters of the Occult",165,"""this"" is crossed out","line 8"
880,"Masters of the Occult",165,"""No"" is written","line 21/24"
881,"Masters of the Occult",165,"Mark is written","line 32"
882,"Life of Anna Kingsford",292,"Mark written","lines 1-3"
883,"Life of Anna Kingsford",293,"Mark written","lines 3-11"
884,"Life of Anna Kingsford",297,"Mark written","lines 15-26"
885,"The Occult Explosion",0,"Something written on the page behind page 68-69, but it's in pencil and unreadable","top of page"
886,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",97,"Mark written","line 15"
887,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",103,"Mark written","line 28"
888,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",118,"Mark written","line 29"
889,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",118,"Mark written","line 36"
890,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",124,"Mark written","line 28"
891,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",125,"Mark written","line 11"
892,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",125,"Mark written","line 23"
893,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",125,"Mark written","line 30"
894,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",126,"Mark written","line 3"
895,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",126,"Mark written","line 29"
896,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",127,"Mark written","line 10"
897,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",127,"Mark written","line 17"
898,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",128,"Mark written","line 10"
899,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",132,"Mark written","line 13"
900,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",132,"Mark written","line 23"
901,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",132,"Mark written","line 28"
902,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",133,"""her"" is underlined","line 1"
903,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",133,"Mark written","line 8"
904,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",136,"Mark written","line 17"
905,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",136,"Mark written","line 21"
906,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",137,"Mark written","line 15"
907,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",138,"Mark written","line 21"
908,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",138,"Mark written","line 36"
909,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",139,"Mark written","line 25"
910,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",139,"Mark written","line 29"
911,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",140,"Mark written","line 11"
912,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",140,"Mark written","line 17"
913,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",140,"Mark written","line 24"
914,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",140,"Mark written","line 39"
915,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",167,"Mark written","line 22"
916,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",186,"Mark written","line 8"
917,"The Golden Book",58,"""He was married, but his wife consented to his adopting what was practically the life of a Sannyasin,.."" is circled","lines 3-5"
918,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",63,"""universe"" and ""realises how small"" are underlined","line 23"
919,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",113,"""When?, If so, Why did she write 3+4 at close of 2?"" is written","line 20"
920,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",198,"""CA-75,000 de frenet""(?) is written","line 17"
921,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",198,"""CA-900 de frenet"" is written","line 18"
922,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",198,"""Existant"" is written","line 19"
923,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",198,"""see p.264"" is written","line 20"
924,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",221,"""Dummy"" is written (beside ""April 23"" and ""Oct. 21-26"")","line 12-14"
925,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",221,"""A: Dec 81-(unknown word)"";""B: HSO see broin Jude Jan.25, 82"";""C: Early 82 Ponscott"";""C: Dec 82-Mahime I-21"";""D:Feb 84-Mahim III"" is written","line 25"
926,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",221,"""EC blinded because D. E. F. were unpublished, C is undated, B overbooked, A dated but the letter they add the destroy forgery to is undated as to year."" is written","line 25"
927,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",220,"""(word hard to make out because of blur) has always been strong in my mind. See HPB aboard ship.""","line 14"
928,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",220,"""Phar"" is written","line 45"
929,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",224,"""No mention of HPB!"" is written","line 10"
930,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",224,"""No mention of HPB!"" is written","line 25"
931,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",228,"Mark written","line 15"
932,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",228,"Entire lines in brackets","lines 25-40"
933,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",232,"Notes written in pencil, and are unreadable","n/a"
934,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",264,"""The Theosophist: is written","line 6"
935,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",264,"""7"";""8"";""23"";""46"";""11"";""13"";""11"";""23"";""13"";""30"";""35"";""37"";""27"";""46"";""33"";""19"";""24"";""62"";""39"";""32"";""37"";""52"";""57"";""46"";""50"";""66"";""40"";""58"";""74"";""93"";""97"";""94"" are written","line 6-31"
936,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",264,"""HPB in E./C. case"" is written","line 9"
937,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",264,"""Spiz ppt"" is written","line 11"
938,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",264,"""?"" is written","line 13"
939,"Sexuality, Magic and Perversion",264,"""WQO is AB"" is written""","line 20"
940,"New Platonism and Alchemy",1,"""grinks, Latin"" is written","line 9"
941,"New Platonism and Alchemy",2,"""28 quote w. no ref. to book/paper +9-rep to supreme opinion, no rep to book/page"";""no rep to authenitic book or treature w tittle=no ref to page."";""47-not one accurate correct source/ref"" is written","line 15"
942,"New Platonism and Alchemy",3,"Mark written","line 15"
943,"New Platonism and Alchemy",6,"Mark written; ""2"" written","line 5"
944,"New Platonism and Alchemy",6,"Mark written","line 6"
945,"New Platonism and Alchemy",6,"Mark written","line 14"
946,"New Platonism and Alchemy",6,"Mark written","line 17"
947,"Study to be Quiet",0,"""Read and return, Walter A Carrithers."" is written","top of page"
948,"Candlesin the Sun",0,"""5/22/82 W.A.C-Here it is by a friend put to me after John Prentier(who knew K-nuste) drew-best of Luck with S.P.R. et all, E.S.""","middle of page"
949,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",0,"""Only 3 left in 1886!"" is written","top of page"
950,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",0,"""-no photo""; ""not accepted until 1884 Oct-?"" are written","lines 1-3"
951,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",49,"""This may have been written after all 'witness' dead"" is written","bottom of page"
952,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",59,"Mark written","line 8"
953,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",59,"""DKM false!!"" is written","lines 18-23"
954,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",59,"""But he felt crushed under his burden, and early in 1885 his Master acceded to his prayer to be released, and he was called to Tibet to be with his Master."" is in brackets","lines 19-22"
955,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",58,"""KH knew he could find no birth in English ship! Remarkable"" is written","lines 9-12"
956,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",58,"Mark written","line 24"
957,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",58,"Mark written","line 28"
958,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",61,"""Where was he 3 AM 3rd to AM, 4th?"" is written","line 17"
959,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",60,"""No record of letter witnesses deaf"" is written","line 4-9"
960,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",63,"""*APS would have sopped it!"" is written;""*"" is marked beside ""Mr. Sinnett"", indicating where this comment is supposed to be placed","line 17"
961,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",75,"Mark written","line 1"
962,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",75,"""Omits (unknown word) it denies KH letters from 1885"" is written","line 23"
963,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",75,"""Of his betrayal (unconscious again)…"" to ""…fully responsible for the derelictions of duty which honour forbids."" is in brackets","lines 30-35"
964,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",75,"""!"" is written","line 33"
965,"The ""K.H.""Letters to C.W.Leadbeater",93,"""-omits parts in no letters except in APB"" is written","line 1"
966,"Theosophy & New Thought",0,"Something is written here, but it's in pencial and unreadable","top of page"
967,"Theosophy & New Thought",11,"""Publicly"" is written","line 4"
968,"Theosophy & New Thought",11,"""ex-"" is written about ""compounded""","line 5"
969,"Theosophy & New Thought",11,"""?"" is written beside ""N.B.""","line 7"
970,"Theosophy & New Thought",11,"""only legal"" is underlined","line 8"
971,"The Woman Behind the Myth",0,"""Sept 81-6:05 pm"" is written (the rest is blurred through copy, I believe)","top of page"
972,"The Woman Behind the Myth",0,"Mark written","lines 9/14/18/21"
973,"The Woman Behind the Myth",0,"""Department of Manuscripts of the British Library"" is in brackets","line 13-14"
974,"The Woman Behind the Myth",0,"""?frighten her? 458""","line 3(preface)"
975,"The Woman Behind the Myth",0,"""In this she failed, even though it was failure on a grand scale"" is in brackets (""she"" is circled)","line 26"
976,"The Woman Behind the Myth",0,"""It was her conviction that these men had trained her and then sent her out into the world permission to disclose some of the secret knowledge that could light up a pitiless and incomprehensible universe *"" is in brackets","lines 23-25"
977,"The Woman Behind the Myth",24,"""her worker"" is written","line 9"
978,"The Woman Behind the Myth",349,"""probably from the days when she lived with Agardi Metrovitch,…"" is in brackets","line 1-2"
979,"The Woman Behind the Myth",349,"""Metro at Wazbug!"" is written","line 1"
980,"The Woman Behind the Myth",349,"""letters"" is underlined","line 36"
981,"The Woman Behind the Myth",349,"""wretched letters"" is underlined","line 42"
982,"The Woman Behind the Myth",349,"""(BCL!!)"" is written","line 42"
983,"The Woman Behind the Myth",362,"Page wasn't copied properly and has a black mark along 1/4 of the page","n/a"
984,"The Woman Behind the Myth",362,"""I should consider this"" to ""13 or 14 years"" is almost entirely underlined","lines 5-15"
985,"The Woman Behind the Myth",362,"""Pad in SPR-R"";""also as TM=O"";""summary confused-omits gain naturally""","lines 3-14"
986,"The Woman Behind the Myth",404,"There is writing at the bottom of the page, but the page wasn't copied properly and the writing is indesypherable","bottom of page"
987,"The Woman Behind the Myth",472,"""Give to e"";""Why not show it up to reading?"" is written","line 3"
988,"The Woman Behind the Myth",472,"""Got"" is written; ""42."" and ""43."" are circled","lines 29"
989,"The Woman Behind the Myth",472,"""pp 21-2"" is written","line 31"
990,"The Woman Behind the Myth",473,"""Veiled Yrs"" is written","top of page"
991,"The Woman Behind the Myth",473,"""copying ? Trans years?"" is written","line 29"
992,"The Woman Behind the Myth",473,"""that she had been an eyewitness to a riot that had taken place in Odessa during Easter Week, 1870"" is in brackets","line 25-29"
993,"The Woman Behind the Myth",473,"""False! She was eyewitness to either 'flogging' (when?) pnto the govt 'order' (only the later would wince that none flogged were Jews-her point.)","line 25-29"
994,"The Woman Behind the Myth",472,"""63"" is circled","line 16"
995,"The Woman Behind the Myth",472,"""merely borrows and quotes from HSO!"" is written","line 17"
996,"The Woman Behind the Myth",472,"""alie the source"" is written;""she signs herself Nikifor Blavatsky's wife,…"" is in brackets","line 35-36"
997,"The Woman Behind the Myth",472,"""Myers and Edmund Gurney had heard H.P.B.'s astral bell. While not ruling out trickery, Gurney thought it a free sound unlike that produced by mechnical objects concealed in"" is in brackets","line 32-42"
998,"Essays in Psychical Research",0,"""N/N"" is written","bottom of page"
999,"The Elder Brother",0,"Page Xi ""Mr. Ray Morgan"" is underlined","line 22"
1000,"The Elder Brother",4,"Mark written","line 10"
1001,"The Elder Brother",5,"""see pp281-2"" is written","line 42"
1002,"The Elder Brother",16,"Paragraph mark written","lines 2-3"
1003,"The Elder Brother",27,"Mark written","line 35"
1004,"The Elder Brother",39,"""November"" is underlined;Mark written","line 15"
1005,"The Elder Brother",39,"""24"" is underlined; Mark written","line 20"
1006,"The Elder Brother",45,"""ZKM-10-11-82"" is written","lines 30-35"
1007,"The Elder Brother",111,"Mark written","line 15"
1008,"The Elder Brother",132,"Mark written","line 11"
1009,"The Elder Brother",139,"""1925+50=1975"" is written","line 14"
1010,"The Elder Brother",247,"""CWL AB JN collaspe"" is written","line 6"
1011,"The Elder Brother",278,"""insane then!"" is written","line 11"
1012,"The Elder Brother",299,"Mark written","line 16"
1013,"The Elder Brother",299,"Mark written","line 21"
1014,"The Elder Brother",303,"""Boris de Zerkoff!"" is written","line 22"
1015,"The Elder Brother",311,"""not in bible"" is written","line 32"
1016,"The Elder Brother",316,"""O pre-1907 (HSO term) - ? (N.D.) (check mark) get"" is written","top of page"
1017,"The Elder Brother",316,"""No.2"" is written; ""1895"" is underlined","line 13"
1018,"The Elder Brother",317,"Mark written","line 1/4/6/8/10/11/12/16/18/22/33/35/39/42/45/47/49"
1019,"The Elder Brother",318,"Mark written","line 2/3-5/7/11/16/21/24/26/32/33/35/37/44/46/48"
1020,"The Elder Brother",319,"Mark written","line 14/16/24/26/27/33/34/42"
1021,"The Elder Brother",324,"""Very good"" is written;Mark is written","line 36"
1022,"Will Quan Judge",15,"""Thomas Green"" is underlined","line 22"
1023,"Will Quan Judge",19,"Mark written","line 10/13"
1024,"Will Quan Judge",20,"There are marks written, but they are in pencil and are unreadable","bottom of page"
1025,"Will Quan Judge",21,"There is something written on the bottom of the page, but it's unreadable (pencil)","bottom of page"
1026,"Will Quan Judge",23,"""surely a forgery"" is written","line 1"
1027,"Will Quan Judge",27,"""notin S. Eilk bk"";""omits to say WQU suggestshim as TS Pres!"" is written","line 12"
1028,"Will Quan Judge",28,"Something is written here, but the copy cuts it off","line 28"
1029,"Will Quan Judge",28,"""he was in personal touch with the Masters…"" to ""transmission to others."" is in parenthesis","lines 28-30"
1030,"Will Quan Judge",29,"""no defense of Judge hes so much as quoted the most imp. points!"" is written","line 18"
1031,"Will Quan Judge",29,"Mark written","lines 3-6"
1032,"Will Quan Judge",31,"""sometimes"" is underlined","line 12"
1033,"Will Quan Judge",31,"""escape with for AB"" is written","line 12"
1034,"Will Quan Judge",31,"Something is written here, but the copy cuts it off","lines 1-6"
1035,"Will Quan Judge",33,"""Indude was's own balisvick! Was this why EC+ Bond was turned?""","bottom of page"
1036,"Will Quan Judge",33,"""1886"" is underlined","line 35"
1037,"Will Quan Judge",33,"""autonomy"" is underlined","line 36"
1038,"Will Quan Judge",38,"Mark written","line 11/14"
1039,"Will Quan Judge",39,"Mark written","line 7/13"
1040,"Will Quan Judge",96,"Comments written on page, but the copy is too light","whole page"
1041,"The Cult Explosion",0,"""Star Wars- 74-1?1""; ""Mormonism & Masonry-77"";""Maharishi Yogi-'kill in lone'-92"";""Mormon Murders-94"";""'You are gods'-Jews-100"";""Besant-113""","top of page"
1042,"The Cult Explosion",89,"Mark written","line 7"
1043,"The Cult Explosion",89,"""no ref."" is written","line 32"
1044,"The Cult Explosion",102,"Something is written here, but it's unreadable","line 11"
1045,"The Cult Explosion",108,"""no verse"" is written","line 24"
1046,"The Cult Explosion",110,"""omits Uahain words on this!"" is written","line 1"
1047,"The Cult Explosion",111,"Mark written","line 14"
1048,"The Cult Explosion",112,"""A 'Bhyma' constant"" is written","line 20"
1049,"The Cult Explosion",112,"""Rabi Maharaj"" is underlined","line 22"
1050,"The Cult Explosion",113,"Mark is written","line 27"
1051,"The Cult Explosion",114,"""omits Jesus-'he wise as serpents'"" is written","line 1"
1052,"The Cult Explosion",114,"""No, Jehovah"" is written","line 32"
1053,"The Cult Explosion",118,"""Omits OT's brass 'crucifix serpent'!"" is written","line 20"
1054,"The Cult Explosion",118,"Mark is written","line 35"
1055,"The Cult Explosion",151,"""behind rock"" is written","line 3"
1056,"The Cult Explosion",174,"""which body? 7 yrs-70 yrs?!"" is written","line 3"
1057,"The Cult Explosion",175,"""so what?"" is written","line 18"
1058,"The Cult Explosion",175,"""!"" is written","line 39"
1059,"The Cult Explosion",176,"""Lazarus"" is written","line 31"
1060,"The Cult Explosion",180,"Mark is written","line 40"
1061,"The Cult Explosion",181,"""Sounds like J. Wit! 'clone'"" is written","line 10"
1062,"The Cult Explosion",190,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 25-28"
1063,"The Cult Explosion",191,"Mark written","line 33"
1064,"The Cult Explosion",192,"""Why 'other'?"" is written","line 27"
1065,"The Cult Explosion",192,"""…other minds…"" is written","line 27"
1066,"The Cult Explosion",197,"""…she had to resort to morphine…"" is in brackets","line 30-31"
1067,"The Cult Explosion",197,"Mark is written","line 31"
1068,"The Cult Explosion",210,"""Why not, if in the 'nature of things'?"" is written","bottom of page"
1069,"The Cult Explosion",229,"""Vril Society"" is underlined","line 38"
1070,"The Cult Explosion",229,"""(still in existence in India today, with swaktika-engraced temples and millions of members)"" is in brackets","line 38-39"
1071,"The Cult Explosion",230,"""Joe Hunt"" is underlined","line 5"
1072,"The Cult Explosion",230,"Mark is written","line 5"
1073,"The Real H.P. Blavatsky",49,"""W.R. omits 2 'as true' seen!"" is written","line 2"
1074,"The Real H.P. Blavatsky",57,"""At that"" is circled; there is a comment, but it's written in pencil and unreadable","line 17"
1075,"The Real H.P. Blavatsky",87,"""I am held by all of you as untruthful because hithetro I have shown the world only the true exterior Mme Blavastky"" is in brackets","line 12-14"
1076,"The Real H.P. Blavatsky",87,"""I (the real inner 'I') am in prison, and cannot show myself as I am, with all the desire I may have to.""","line 24-25"
1077,"The Real H.P. Blavatsky",87,"""Perchance you may find out yet your mistake concerning the other-the well hidden party.'"" is in brackets","line 28-30"
1078,"The Real H.P. Blavatsky",87,"""They were. Feb.4 Sunday 1949 3 amongst"" is written","line 31"
1079,"The Real H.P. Blavatsky",114,"Something is written, but it's in pencil and unreadable","line 12"
1080,"The Real H.P. Blavatsky",314,"""K7"" is written","line 35"
1081,"The Real H.P. Blavatsky",314,"""87"" is circled","line 58"
1082,"Was She a Charlatan?",16,"Mark is written","line 14"
1083,"Was She a Charlatan?",20,"""It Had???"" is written","line 6"
1084,"Was She a Charlatan?",20,"""…afterwards…"" is circled","line 4"
1085,"Was She a Charlatan?",20,"""Then"" is written","line 10"
1086,"Was She a Charlatan?",20,"""SPRR? 0214"" is written","line 29"
1087,"Was She a Charlatan?",34,"""Check U9J""","line 25"
1088,"Was She a Charlatan?",35,"""Junction insiber from front doors!"" is written","line 3"
1089,"Was She a Charlatan?",37,"""in DKN! room!"" is written","line 9"
1090,"Was She a Charlatan?",37,"""dusk WCJ"" is written","line 10"
1091,"Was She a Charlatan?",42,"""altogether"" is circled","line 1"
1092,"Was She a Charlatan?",42,"""Parts of the letters may be genuine enough:…"" is in brackets","lines 19-20"
1093,"Was She a Charlatan?",44,"""…but that the weight of evidence goes to show that they were clever forgeries in which scraps of actual letters had been incorporated with spurious and compromising material:"" is in parenthesis","lines 15-18"
1094,"Was She a Charlatan?",44,"""No!"" is written","lines 15-18"
1095,"Was She a Charlatan?",44,"There is a comment written, but it's in pencil and unreadable","line 20"
1096,"Was She a Charlatan?",44,"""11. Letters self-contradeters."" is written","line 41"
1097,"Was She a Charlatan?",44,"""12. Leters make HPB admit 'facts' she proun. false. "" is written","line 44"
1098,"Was She a Charlatan?",44,"There is something written, but it's cut off from the copy","line 45"
1099,"Was She a Charlatan?",47,"""Dec 85"" is written","line 38"
1100,"Was She a Charlatan?",48,"""HPB pities her!"" is written","line 8"
1101,"Was She a Charlatan?",48,"""pitiful"" is circled","line 9"
1102,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",292,"""Watchtower Society"" is written","lines 27-31"
1103,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",292,"""apply to the heavenly…"" to ""rulers-NW."" is in brackets","lines 27-31"
1104,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",294,"""These new sectrian religious…"" to ""…and many others things…"" is in brackets","lines 18-25"
1105,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",294,"Mark is written","line 15"
1106,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",311,"""!!"" is written","line 14-15"
1107,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",311,"Mark is written","line 28"
1108,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",315,"""'The Pope-hang again' -GET"" is written","line 9"
1109,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",317,"""CP. J.W.!"" is written","line 7"
1110,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",317,"""1"";""2"";""3"";""4"";""5"" are written","line 13/19/22/26/29"
1111,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",318,"""6"";""7"";""8"" are written","line 3/4"
1112,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",319,"Mark written","line 7"
1113,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",331,"""Ch"" is written","line 28"
1114,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",337,"Mark is written","lines 20-25"
1115,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",339,"Mark is written","lines 23-30"
1116,"What has Religion Done for Mankind?",342,"Mark is written","lines 29-33"
1117,"The Ocean of Theosophy",0,"Mark is written","line 44 vi"
1118,"The Ocean of Theosophy",0,"Mark is written","line 5"
1119,"The Ocean of Theosophy",0,"Mark is written","line 13"
1120,"The Ocean of Theosophy",0,"Mark is written","line 29"
1121,"The Ocean of Theosophy",6,"Mark is written","line 19"
1122,"The Ocean of Theosophy",7,"""!"" is written","line 34"
1123,"The Ocean of Theosophy",15,"Something is written here, but it's written in pencil and unreadable","line 10"
1124,"The Ocean of Theosophy",16,"""…cataclysms or partial destructions…""to""original source."" is in brackets","lines 17-22"
1125,"The Ocean of Theosophy",41,"Mark is written","line 15"
1126,"The Ocean of Theosophy",104,"Mark is written","line 13"
1127,"The Ocean of Theosophy",107,"""?"" is written","line 15"
1128,"The Ocean of Theosophy",107,"""In the state of Kama Loka"" is in brackets","line 24"
1129,"The Ocean of Theosophy",107,"""those who are suddenly shot out of life by accident"" is in brackets","lines 24-25"
1130,"The Ocean of Theosophy",107,"""pass a term almost equal to the length life would have been but for the sudden termination. These are not really dead."" is in brackets","lines 26-28"
1131,"The Ocean of Theosophy",107,"""DRM"" is written","line 25"
1132,"The Ocean of Theosophy",109,"Mark is written","line 27"
1133,"The Ocean of Theosophy",112,"Mark is written","line 22"
1134,"The Ocean of Theosophy",114,"Mark is written","line 38"
1135,"The Ocean of Theosophy",115,"""But entities in devachan are not wholly devoid…"" -Mark is written there","line 21"
1136,"The Ocean of Theosophy",115,"""Ego, in devachan"" is underlined","line 24"
1137,"The Ocean of Theosophy",115,"""No, it's the love usey."" is in written","line 24"
1138,"The Ocean of Theosophy",153,"Mark is written","line 22"
1139,"The Ocean of Theosophy",153,"Mark is written","line 36"
1140,"The Ocean of Theosophy",153,"""their condemnation of the wholesale development of mediums is supported by the history of spiritualism."" is in brackets","line 36-38"
1141,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",19,"""owes"" is written","line 31"
1142,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",41,"""omits she off idle-fix on dec (See HPB Speaks)"" is written in","line 13"
1143,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",52,"Mark is written","line 6"
1144,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",52,"""fireworks"" is underlined","line 6"
1145,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",53,"Mark is written","line 21"
1146,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",72,"Mark is written","line 25"
1147,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",72,"""Thomas Edison"" is written","bottom of page"
1148,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",76,"Mark is written","line 15"
1149,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",76,"""garmet""(too light to read) is written","line 38"
1150,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",79,"""She was asked"" is written","line 3"
1151,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",80,"""No"" is written; ""of the Sinnett's"" is in parenthesis","line 24"
1152,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",81,"""No"" is written","line 37"
1153,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",98,"Entire paragraph is in brackets","line 15-24"
1154,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",108,"""omits='been(?) robbery 'surpest'"" is written","line 29"
1155,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",114,"""Most of today's occult teachers are indebted to Madame Blavatsky for her originality of thought, and for an appraisal of her worth Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine have only to be read.""","line 1-3"
1156,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",114,"Mark is written","line 1"
1157,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",114,"""Few have suffered at the hands of their admirers…"" is in brackets (continued on page 115)","line 30"
1158,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",115,"""Easy to respond, by impossible to disprove"" is written","line 4"
1159,"M. Blavatsky Med., Mystic, Magician",115,"Mark is written","line 38"
1160,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",0,"""March 13, 1960-12:37 AM. Just finished. Best non-theosophicial wk on HPB even published!"";""Characterizes Kuhn OR-'sane + learned account'"";""RH as 'cruel'"";""SPR-R I-'rambling'"";""SPR-R II-'stupid+superfierce'-'perverse'""; is written (continued below)","n/a"
1161,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",0,"""Solovioff Tale-'only his word for it' 'prejudice' (J. Symonds on 5's experiences would have capitalized to Madame Blavatsky at one 'taking them as 'conclusive' )'; ""Ecoolome :'challening scald indignant (unknown word)'"" is written (continued below","n/a"
1162,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",0,"""Conclusions-on her writings *p238 (ignores Coleman) -on HPB or 'Lion Hear'-'Founder of Modern Occultism the Messenger of the White Brotherhood.'-On Charges of immorality (Accepts Opp. C.) is written (continued below).q","n/a"
1163,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",0,"""(Mahamas sial)-PRO-p195"";""(A joker)-CON p199 (closest, re Columb letter)."";""DKM-2/3/4"" is written (the rest is unreadable","n/a"
1164,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",89,"""…smoking hashish…"" is underlined","line 18"
1165,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",89,"""-not then"" is written","line 18"
1166,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",90,"Mark written","line 31-34"
1167,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",128,"""Grammar"" is written","line 23"
1168,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",128,"""did"" is circled","line 23"
1169,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",136,"Mark is written","line 25"
1170,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",174,"Mark is written","line 25"
1171,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",174,"""wanted: testimony of postman""","line 30"
1172,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",195,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 14-24"
1173,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",196,"Mark is written","line 12"
1174,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",197,"Mark is written","line 13/15"
1175,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",198,"Mark is written","line 15"
1176,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",199,"Mark is written","line 25/27"
1177,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",199,"""Madame Blavatsky was one of the world's great jokers"" is underlined","line 25"
1178,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",199,"""Twisted"" is written","line 33"
1179,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",200,"""?"" is written","line 4"
1180,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",200,"""OTE ?"" is written","line 9"
1181,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",201,"""…the letters…"" is underlined; mark is written","line 6"
1182,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",202,"""Grammar"" is written;Mark is written to indicate where comment is aimed at","line 18"
1183,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",203,"""No?"" is written","line 32"
1184,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",208,"""Twisted omits rest"" is written;Mark is writen","line 12"
1185,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",212,"There are notes, but they are in pencil and are unreadable","middle of page"
1186,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",213,"Mark is written;""?"" is written;""cruel"" is underlined","line 13"
1187,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",213,"""How?"" is written","line 34"
1188,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",214,"""?"" is written;""everything was crumbling into ruins about him…"" is in parenthesis","lines 2-3"
1189,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",214,"""No"" is written;""without telling anyone"" is in parenthesis","line 4"
1190,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",214,"""?!"" is written","line 27"
1191,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",215,"Paragraph is in brackets","lines 25-30"
1192,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",215,"""???"" is written","lines 25-30"
1193,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",217,"""Not all!"" is written","line 14"
1194,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",218,"Mark is written","line 17"
1195,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",219,"Mark is written","line 16"
1196,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",219,"""?"" is written;Mark is written","line 21"
1197,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",220,"Mark is written;""There is only his word for it"" is underlined","line 22"
1198,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",221,"""?"" is written","line 12"
1199,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",221,"""Imp"" is written","line 30"
1200,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",221,"""May-June Meets"" is written","line 33"
1201,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",222,"Mark is written;""a stupid and superficial Report,,…"" is in brackets","line 6"
1202,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",222,"""SIC"" is written;""Richard Hodgson"" is underlined","line 8"
1203,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",222,"Mark is written","lines 13-14"
1204,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",222,"""imp"" is written","line 27"
1205,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",223,"Mark is written;""!"" is written","lines 10-11"
1206,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",226,"Mark is written","line 3"
1207,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",226,"""!"" is written","line 18"
1208,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",226,"""?"" is written;""a hysteric"" is underlined","line 20"
1209,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",226,"""Like any psychic then"" is written","line 23"
1210,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",227,"Mark is written;""? (AGAIN)"" is written","line 17"
1211,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",230,"""Bah! *p231"" is written;""The source is unimpeachable"" is underlined","line 4"
1212,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",231,"Mark is written;""?"" is written","line 12"
1213,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",231,"Mark is written;""Given to"" is written before ""exaggeration""","line 29"
1214,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",232,"""NOT HPB?"" is written;""who was the greatest enigma of nineteenth century"" is in brackets","line 4"
1215,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",232,"Mark is written","line 11"
1216,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",232,"Mark is written;""nine"" is underlined","line 20"
1217,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",233,"Mark is written","line 10"
1218,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",233,"""Omits Blunders"" is written","line 19"
1219,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",233,"""Imp"" is written","line 24"
1220,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",237,"Mark is written","line 16/21"
1221,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",238,"""This was her answer to Hodgson and the Society for Psychical Research, her vindication, a work which no imposter could write."" is in brackets","lines 28-30"
1222,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",238,"""Faith is underlined"";""?"" is written","line 35"
1223,"Madama Blavatsky Medium and Magician",240,"""Source?"" is written","line 22"
1224,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",113,"Mark is written","line 12"
1225,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",160,"Mark is written","line 5/13/14/29"
1226,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",162,"Mark is written","line 2"
1227,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",166,"Mark is written","lines 24-31"
1228,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",166,"""In"" is circled","line 34"
1229,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",278,"""VE's wild goose chase!"" is written","line 19"
1230,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",278,"""not"" is underlined","line 22"
1231,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",278,"""-!"" is written","line 23"
1232,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",278,"Mark is written","line 35"
1233,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",278,"""God!"" is written","line 8"
1234,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",278,"""A pile of manuscript, and perhaps drawings, letters, and other data which could not be replaced, left on a desk unguarded."" to ""…doing the best he could with what he had-left. Quien sabe?"" is in brackets","lines 7-11"
1235,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",278,"Mark is written","line 24"
1236,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",280,"""God!"" is written","line 25/31"
1237,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",280,"""…what hell she must have gone through!"" is in parenthesis","line 31"
1238,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",298,"Mark is written","line 8/12/18"
1239,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",298,"""20"" is written","line 22"
1240,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",299,"Mark is written","line 9/18"
1241,"The Hall of Magic Mirrors",0,"There are two pages at the end that are almost unreadable","n/a"
1242,"The ""K.H."" Letters to C.W. Leadbeater",0,"""no photo"" is written (PAGE NUMBER MISSING)","line 1"
1243,"The ""K.H."" Letters to C.W. Leadbeater",0,"""not accepted until 1884 Oct-?"" is written(PAGE NUMBER MISSING)","lines 2-3"
1244,"The ""K.H."" Letters to C.W. Leadbeater",0,"Mark is written(PAGE NUMBER MISSING)","line 3"
1245,"The ""K.H."" Letters to C.W. Leadbeater",7,"""This may have been written after all witnesses dead"" is written","bottom of page"
1246,"The ""K.H."" Letters to C.W. Leadbeater",0,"Lines in brackets(PAGE NUMBER MISSING)","line 22-27"
1247,"The ""K.H."" Letters to C.W. Leadbeater",0,"Mark is written;""!"" is written(PAGE NUMBER MISSING)","line 24"
1248,"The ""K.H."" Letters to C.W. Leadbeater",0,"""No record of letter witnesses dead""(PAGE NUMBER MISSING)","line 4"
1249,"The ""K.H."" Letters to C.W. Leadbeater",0,"Comment written in pencil and unreadable(PAGE NUMBER MISSING)","line 17"
1250,"The Dream that Never Dies",4,"Mark is written","line 3/13"
1251,"The Dream that Never Dies",8,"Mark is written","line 25"
1252,"The Dream that Never Dies",22,"Mark is written","line 22"
1253,"The Dream that Never Dies",25,"Mark is written","line 39"
1254,"The Dream that Never Dies",26,"Mark is written","line 31"
1255,"The Dream that Never Dies",44,"Mark is written","line 27"
1256,"The Dream that Never Dies",45,"Mark is written","lines 33-35"
1257,"The Dream that Never Dies",0,"Mark is written (PAGE NUMBER MISSING)","lines 20-21"
1258,"The Dream that Never Dies",206,"Mark is written","line 7/24/28/35"
1259,"The Dream that Never Dies",220,"Mark is written","line 9/16/29"
1260,"The Dream that Never Dies",220,"""Bee 30 1923?"" is written","line 17"
1261,"The Dream that Never Dies",220,"""?"" is written;""Frank Pierce"" is underlined","line 33"
1262,"The Dream that Never Dies",221,"Mark is written","lines 1-5"
1263,"The Dream that Never Dies",221,"Mark is written","line 19"
1264,"The Dream that Never Dies",221,"Paragraph in brackets;""N.B."" is written","line 21-30"
1265,"The Dream that Never Dies",222,"Mark is written","line 41-43"
1266,"The Dream that Never Dies",223,"""I was a six month tourist who had overstayed his visa by eight years"" is underlined","lines 7-8"
1267,"The Dream that Never Dies",223,"""No citzen"" is written","line 7"
1268,"The Dream that Never Dies",223,"Mark is written","line 35"
1269,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",37,"Mark is written","line 7/10/15"
1270,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",38,"Mark is written","line 7/12/15/19/25"
1271,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",39,"Mark is written","line 23"
1272,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",40,"Mark is written","line 2/13/15/18/26"
1273,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",105,"""Yeah, fate unborn born Sept 1881 rd Oct 1880"" is written","line 18"
1274,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",108,"""99"" is written;""100"" is circled","line 16"
1275,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",109,"""?"" is written;""400"" is circled","line 3"
1276,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",109,"""Dhyan Chohans"" is in parenthesis","line 10"
1277,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",109,"""(vis. Limpidity and purity, refreshing coolness, sweetness, softness, fertilizing qualities, calmness, power of preventing famine,.."" is in brackets (continued on page 109)","lines 28-30"
1278,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",110,"""productiveness)."" is in brackets (continued from page 109)","line 1"
1279,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",110,"""(or music)"" is in brackets","line 2"
1280,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",110,"""Buddha"" is in parenthesis;""Tathagata"" is written","line 11"
1281,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",110,"""Never to return"" is in brackets","lines 12-14"
1282,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",110,"""(Which shall end in their arrival at Buddhaship)"" is in brackets;A comment is written in pencil and unreadable","lines 16-17"
1283,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",110,"""(the 7 principles emanating from the One)"" is in brackets","lines 29-30"
1284,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",111,"""LHA"" is in brackets","line 5"
1285,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",111,"""The words Tathagata and Sukavali above should read Tathagata and Sukhavati"" is in brackets","lines 9-10"
1286,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",111,"""In ML"";""with ML"";"" This must be a…""(the rest is unreadable) is written","lines 9-10"
1287,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",111,"""LXI"" is circled;""LIX!"" is written","line 19"
1288,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",111,"""1882"" is circled;Mark is written","line 23"
1289,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",112,"""Hares misquote and misrepresent"" is written","line 5"
1290,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",112,"""Mr. Hume"" is underlined","line 9"
1291,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",112,""","";""-"";""N"";""they"";""float"" are circled","lines 14-16"
1292,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",112,"""…from some mysterious document"" is in brackets;""…reads as follows"" is underlined","lines 22-23"
1293,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",113,"""Th"";""Mr. Hume"";""."";"" ' ""; ""Maha"" are circled","line 11/12/17/21"
1294,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",140,"""See Sec. XIV on p.170"" is written","top of page"
1295,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",141,"Mark is written;""one-half"" is in parenthesis;""about twenty-four lines""","line 6/11"
1296,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",141,"""2 yrs"" is written;""Not been out long"" is in parenthesis","line 8"
1297,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",141,"""1 yr"" is written;""and also to Mr. Sinnett"" is in parenthesis","line 10"
1298,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",150,"""No"" is written;""Mahatma between them are said to have dropped out of Letter VI; the remainder are claimed by Mr. Kiddle. Plato was right"" is in parenthesis","lines 10-13"
1299,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",152,"""Which followed so hard on the heels of the Mahatma's secret effort"" is in parenthesis","lines 8-10"
1300,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",152,"""Preceded?! Cf. p156 x""is written","line 12"
1301,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",153,"""revokes reading"" is written; Mark is written","line 11"
1302,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",156,"Mark written;""of p.141x"" is written","lines 6-8"
1303,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",156,"Mark written","lines 27-30"
1304,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",158,"""To our mind its"" is underlined;""plagarized (unknown word)"" is written","line 10"
1305,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",158,"""Indeed, there is no charge that any portion but the last paragraph"" is underlined;""Fatigue"" is written","lines 16-17"
1306,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",158,"""Occultism, Planetary Spirits and Universal Brotherhood are in the Mahatma's authentic style"" is in brackets","lines 12-14"
1307,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",158,"""Master's sleepiness"" is underlined; ""the 'boy's' inexpertness"" is underlined","lines 19-20"
1308,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",158,"""?"" is circled","line 24"
1309,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",160,"""On consulting the Ninth Edition…"" to ""pigeonholed, we find that, too, has vanished"" is underlined","lines 3-11"
1310,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",160,"""Late ed. Deleted all!"" is written","line 7"
1311,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",160,"""That H.P.B favet!!!"" is written","line 1"
1312,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",161,"""The Banner of Light? is underlined","lines 5-6"
1313,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",161,"""…borrowed from it the printed.."" is underlined; ""correct (unconsciously)"" is written","line 6-7"
1314,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",161,"""Then"" is circled","line 10"
1315,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",161,"""On what evidence?"" is written","line 14"
1316,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",161,"""opinion"" is written","line 20"
1317,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",207,"Comment is written in pencil and unreadable","lines 21-33"
1318,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",211,"Comment is written in pencil and unreadalbe","line 22"
1319,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",211,"""she"" is circled","line 22"
1320,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",224,"""…there is not the least sign of mystery about"" is underlined;""these"" is circled","lines 14-15"
1321,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",224,"""…the instruments used are steel pens…"" is underlined;""are"" is circled; ""red"";""and"";""blue pencil"" are underlined","lines 16-19"
1322,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",224,"""earlier stages"" is in parenthesis; ""glossy rice paper"" is underlined","line 19"
1323,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",224,"""variety of "" is underlined;""blue tints"" is underlined","lines 22-23"
1324,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",225,"""There differ in no respect from any…"";""of letters that""; ""collected"";""fifty years ago,"" are underlined","lines 5-8"
1325,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",227,"""Other letters are written in red pencil without the ribbed under-surface"" is in parenthesis; ""without"" is circled","line 7-9"
1326,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",227,"""In the body of this letters the writer almost invariably uses a stroke over the letter M, which is characteristice of mediaeval Latin and English script, and is derived from the classical mode of abbreviation."" is in parenthesis","line 15-20"
1327,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",227,"Comment is written in pencil and unreadable","line 15-20"
1328,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",229,"Mark is written","line 10/22"
1329,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",229,"""By order"" is circled","line 22"
1330,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",229,"""Shala D. Anattu 'forger'!"" is written","line 27"
1331,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",235,"""Check"" is written","line 6"
1332,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",235,"After pt. auto writing?"" is written","line 19"
1333,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",244,"""Evidence of HPB writing from 1874 on never changed never did KH or sister"" is written;""1/2 sister"" is written","line 24"
1334,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",244,"""'40""'"" is written","line 23"
1335,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",244,"""some"" is circled","line 23"
1336,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",245,"Mark is written","line 2"
1337,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",245,"""HPB?"" is written","line 18"
1338,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",245,"""and not M! M! HPB"" is written","line 29"
1339,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",246,"""BCDE"" is written","line 9"
1340,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",247,"""Later! Shows how H & H get facts"" is written","line 18"
1341,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",247,"""was at this very time repudiating her in the London press, the whole letter"" is circled","line 18-20"
1342,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",247,"Paragraph in brackets;""Darmden? Ha! Ha!"" is written;""Mar 24, 84"";""you slipped up, old chap!"" is written","line 24-32"
1343,"Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?",250,"Comment is written, but is in pencil and unreadable","line 1"
1344,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",0,"There are quite a few comments in this folder that are unreadable because of how small they are","n/a"
1345,"The Theosophical Movement",0,"""Even the enemies of the Theosophical Movement are showing.."" is in brackets (continued on the following page)","line 35"
1346,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",0,"""by their methods of attack that its real vitality lies in the life and work of H.P. Blavatsky."" to ""difficult to maintain a distintive identity"" is in brackets","lines 1-8"
1347,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",104,"""-what induced Madame Blavatsky to"" is underlined","line 26"
1348,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",104,"""a fantastic"";""imposture?"" is underlined","line 27"
1349,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",104,"""I should consider this Report incomplete unless I suggest what I believe to be an adquete explanation of her ten years' toil on behalf of the Theosophical Society"" is in brackets","lines 28-30"
1350,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",104,"""such a suppostion"";""quite untenable"" is underlined","line 32"
1351,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",104,"""Was she a plain"";""fraud?"" is underlined","line 33"
1352,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",104,"""'She is, indeed, a rare psychological study, almost as rare as a 'Mahatma'!"" is in brackets","lines 33-34"
1353,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",104,"""religious mania"";""?"" is underlined","line 38"
1354,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",105,"""even this hypothesis I was unable to adopt"" is in brackets","lines 2-3"
1355,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",105,"""What, then, was the compelling motive that induced the labors of Hercules, the sacrifices of a Christ, to carry on a career of deception"" to ""known incidents of her career during the past 13 or 14 years."" is in brackets","lines 4-12"
1356,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",191,"""Where is this letter-to whom?"" is written","line 1"
1357,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",191,"""?"" is written above not","line 1"
1358,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",191,"""Ryan on 2930"" is written","line 5"
1359,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",200,"Mark written","line 32"
1360,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",200,"""August, 1891"" is underlined","line 37"
1361,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",200,"""Mrs. Besant"" is underlined","line 41"
1362,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",201,"Mark is written","line 26/41"
1363,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",209,"Something is written, but it's unreadable","line 36"
1364,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",211,"""CF see 3 sections 1879 Const See offense 1885 Degense see This article doom HSB and TS…(AB and KT)"" is written","line 10"
1365,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",222,"Something written, but it's cut off by the copy","line 1"
1366,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",223,"""HSO missed the key proof!"" is written","line 19"
1367,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",229,"""AB's escape-hater!"" is written","line 33-36"
1368,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",229,"""messages"" is underlined","line 36"
1369,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",229,"""direct messages"" is underlined;Mark is written","line 41"
1370,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",230,"There are things written on this page, but they are cut off by the copy","line 3/12/29/40"
1371,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",230,"""I also believe that the gist of these messages was psychically received"" is underlined","line 40-41"
1372,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",232,"There are things written on this page, but they are cut off by the copy","line 8-41"
1373,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",232,"""She tried to make WQV Pres in 1892-failed-by Dre 1893, she learned others had proof of his frauds (thus losing her exclusive hold over him if he thus did become Pres-hence, for her,..."" is written (continued below)","line 9"
1374,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",232,"Continued from above""...he was a broken reed-worthy only and serving as her slippery-stone, as 'villian' from whom she as 'savior' could coined some the TS by exposing him.""","line 9"
1375,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",241,"""a lie-see table 'explosion'"" is written","line 7"
1376,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",241,"""What about the (unknown word)?"" is written","line 11"
1377,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",243,"""look of duppers' a Judge witness""","line 23"
1378,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",248,"Paragraph in brackets","line 1-9"
1379,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",248,"""use of His name"" is underlined; ""(written)"" is written","line 16"
1380,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",248,"""messages"" is underlined","line 17"
1381,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",248,"""the messages"" is underlined","line 19"
1382,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",248,"""no"" is written;""'her'""; ""'with regard to'"" are in quotations","line 22"
1383,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",249,"There are comments written, but they are in pencil and almost unreadable","whole page"
1384,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",249,"""Damodar?"" is written","line 22"
1385,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",258,"There are comments written, but they are cut off by the copy","whole page"
1386,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",259,"""contrary WQW-so ULT claims!"";""they"" is underlined","line 17"
1387,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",259,"""*see p.262"" is written","line 18"
1388,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",259,"""the Teacher"" is underlined","line 21"
1389,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",259,"""but a reflected glory"" is underlined","line 22"
1390,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",259,"""see use of phone in T. re Casbie-?"" is written","line 21"
1391,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",259,"""ef-ULT's 'co-marriage'"" is written","line 22"
1392,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",262,"There is a comment written, but it's in pencil and unreadable","line 3"
1393,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",262,"""AB acknowledge!"" is written","line 1"
1394,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",262,"""that he was in communication with the Masters"" is in parenthesis","lines 2-3"
1395,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",262,"""Their Agent?"" is underlined","line 3"
1396,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",262,"""insanity"" is underlined","line 6"
1397,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",262,"""*"";""no!"" is written","line 9"
1398,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",264,"There is a comment written, but it's cut off by the copy","line 8"
1399,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",264,"""signed by either of Mr. Judge's closest associates…."" is in brackets (continued on page 265)","lines 30-34"
1400,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",265,"""E.S."" is in brackets (continued from pg 264)","line 1"
1401,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",265,"There is a comment written, but it's cut off by the copy","line 27"
1402,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",265,"Comments are written, but are written in pencil and unreadable","line 20/25"
1403,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",265,"""No-his post APB 'messages'""","line 33"
1404,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers`",267,"""Why not quotes"" is written","line 35"
1405,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",267,"""No"" is written","line 37"
1406,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",268,"""As the eight persons"" is in brackets","line 1"
1407,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",268,"""were all well-known theosophists…"" to a failure"" is in brackets","lines 4-10"
1408,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",268,"""N.B."" is written (the rest is unreadable)","line 8"
1409,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",273,"""ETH really said this-!"" is written","line 19"
1410,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",273,"""Hargrove had unequivocally claimed the discovery of 'papers' of Mr. Judge directing the formation of the Council and indicating the identity of the new ""Outer Head."" is in brackets","lines 19-22"
1411,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",273,"""as"" is in brackets (continued on 274)","line 42"
1412,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",274,"""such"" is in brackets (continued from 273)","line 1"
1413,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",274,"""CF ULT 25 see 281"" is written","line 1"
1414,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",274,"""N.B."" is written; Mark is written","line 20"
1415,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",274,"""by K.T.'s appointment of me to succeed her"" is in parenthesis","line 20"
1416,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",281,"""N/B. not in Oct 25!"" is written","line 10"
1417,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",283,"""See what WQV says of his power 'in succession' om jos ES air clumps"";""Untrue, see IT B on AB on war"" is written","line 1"
1418,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",283,"""or to uphold it!"" is written","line 12"
1419,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",283,"""then why replace her with someone[?]"" is written","line 38"
1420,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",285,"""Of ong"" is written","line 5"
1421,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",285,"""if so does AB, What right by WQV to diagnose AB?"" is written","line 10"
1422,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",285,"""'Mr. Judge,' says Mr. Ryan, 'left notes on this subject which are so plain and showed such confidence in Katherine Tingley that even had there been no other reasons for their action…"" to ""reminiscent of the drivel of the sťance."" is in brackets","lines 22-34"
1423,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",285,"""N.B"" is written","line 32"
1424,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",285,"""The tone of these 'notes' is explanation enough of the reluctance of their present possessors to make them easily accessible"" is underlined","lines 30-32"
1425,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",286,"There are comments written, but they are cut off by the copy","lines 1-30"
1426,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",286,"""Dr. Stokes suspected that Judge was a broken reed, the victim of such psyhic follies"" is in brackets","lines 23-24"
1427,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",286,"""aeons past.."" is in brackets","line 30"
1428,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",286,"Mark written","line 35"
1429,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",287,"""very imp. get from Freman"" is written","line 1"
1430,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",287,"""get"" is written","line 22"
1431,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",287,"""It is not remarkable that these 'occult' messages were to be kept secret from Mr. Judge. Mr. Neresheimer and the other were pledged to avoid all such intercourse"" is in brackets (""s"" in ""messages"" is circled)","lines 27-30"
1432,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",287,"""Where? (only…""[rest is cut off by copy]) is written","lines 27-30"
1433,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",288,"Mark written","lines 4-6"
1434,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",288,"""James M. Pryse is on record as having characterized Mrs. Tingley as Mr. Judge's 'favorite spirit-medium.' and as saying that the famous 'occult diary' was form him too 'sentimental, mushy and spiritualistic…to wade through…"" is written","lines 12-15"
1435,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",289,"""The 'inner circle' around Judge"" is written","line 1"
1436,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",289,"""and Judge""is crossed out","line 6"
1437,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",293,"Mark written; ""Key!"" is written","line 27"
1438,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",294,"Comment is written, but it is cut-off by copy","line 1"
1439,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",294,"""until 1891"" is underlined","line 2"
1440,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",295,"""About forty years ago, in the heyday of the Besant-Leadbeater regime, 'Bishop' Leadbeater had published a list of books said to be suitable for an education…"" to ""…of 'Arhat' Leadbeater and 'Arhat' Besant."" is in brackets","lines 1-6"
1441,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",297,"""1900"" is underlined","line 1"
1442,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",297,"""wait really from pre-May 8,91?"" is written","line1"
1443,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",297,"""do omitted (unknown word) better fit in before 1900?"" is written","line 8"
1444,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",298,"Comment is written, but it cut off by copy","line 12"
1445,"Blavatsky & Her Teachers",316,"Mark is written","line 30"
1446,"When Daylight Comes",323,"""like Oct"" is written","line 17"
1447,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""Omit-all of ""Let on in Gen Subject of Theosophy-352-373""","n/a"
1448,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""Revise Index""","n/a"
1449,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""Expand 'Biographical Sketches' p.357-ff""","n/a"
1450,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""Delete all-301-350""","n/a"
1451,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""Chapter X-some revision, much more added material (HPB & Science)","n/a"
1452,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""Chapter XI-much deletion."" is written","n/a"
1453,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""Chapter VIII-IX-use with some editing","n/a"
1454,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""Forward to 2nd Edition:Preface (see editing)","n/a"
1455,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""Chapter I-IX-to be used w revision""","n/a"
1456,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""Chapters X-to be updated on Science and Theosophy""","n/a"
1457,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""NEW Chapter XI-to be wholly new, HPB 1888-91 (not adequately covered by Kuhn)","n/a"
1458,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""Chapter XII-Some of Kuhn's XI usedable, much deleted, and centered on Voice of Silence and Ultimate Vision of Humanity as pictured by Theosophy (conclusion)""","n/a"
1459,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""Biblography""","n/a"
1460,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""Index""","n/a"
1461,"When Daylight Comes",165,"""1884?"" is written","line 3"
1462,"When Daylight Comes",0,"""Showed by HPB who ad."" is written","top of page"
1463,"When Daylight Comes",0,"Mark is written","line 1/2"
1464,"Letters that have helped me",18,"""Dagper talk"" is written","line 27"
1465,"Letters that have helped me",21,"""Dagper talk"" is written","line 14"
1466,"Letters that have helped me",22,"""Dagper talk"" is written","lines 24"
1467,"Letters that have helped me",22,"""Good and Evil.."" to ""They are bad words to use."" is in brackets","lines 24-30"
1468,"Letters that have helped me",23,"Mark written","line 20"
1469,"Letters that have helped me",64,"""of WQV on Course TUP use"" is written","line 7"
1470,"Letters that have helped me",64,"""A great number of letters…"" to ""...of the authors of his trials."" is in brackets","lines 4-13"
1471,"Letters that have helped me",64,"""And of all the long time…"" to ""able law"" is in brackets","lines 25-32"
1472,"Letters that have helped me",64,"""Bunk"" is written","lines 25-32"
1473,"Letters that have helped me",65,"""Jason + Niemand"" is written","line 11"
1474,"Letters that have helped me",0,"""Open Case 1-209"";""Fax no-222-8479-PH 222-2060"";""No further late (unknown word) opportunity"" is writted","top of page"
1475,"Letters that have helped me",120,"""WQJ's covest 'orders'""","line 5"
1476,"Letters that have helped me",121,"Mark written","line 30"
1477,"Letters that have helped me",136,"""1887"" is written","line 35"
1478,"Letters that have helped me",136,"""Mr. Judge's letters without…"" is in brackets (continued on page 137)","lines 38-40"
1479,"Letters that have helped me",137,"""getting ideas before…"" to ""whose name was signed to them."" is in brackets (continued from 136).","line 1-2"
1480,"Letters that have helped me",137,"Mark written","line 20"
1481,"Letters that have helped me",138,"Mark written","line 19"
1482,"Letters that have helped me",138,"Mark written;""get"" is written","line 33"
1483,"Letters that have helped me",139,"Mark written","line 8/26"
1484,"Letters that have helped me",139,"""check"" is written","line 17"
1485,"Letters that have helped me",181,"""Besant?"" is written","line 7"
1486,"Letters that have helped me",181,"""G do P"" is written","line 30"
1487,"Letters that have helped me",200,"Mark written; ""see p19e X"" is written","line 36"
1488,"Letters that have helped me",201,"""of what on M. not seeing"" is written","line 15"
1489,"Letters that have helped me",215,"""The Thesophist 1885"" is written","bottom of page"
1490,"Letters that have helped me",216,"""An allegorical prevision of Judge's failure!"" is written","top of page"
1491,"Letters that have helped me",252,"""Oct '84 Theosophy Dagpa/KT"" is written","line 9"
1492,"Letters that have helped me",252,"""Pseudo-Theosophy"" is written","line 12"
1493,"Letters that have helped me",252,"""behind"" and ""at side"" are underlined","line 14"
1494,"Letters that have helped me",261,"Something is written here, but it's in pencil and unreadable","line 3"
1495,"Letters that have helped me",270,"Mark written","lines 30-34"
1496,"Letters that have helped me",271,"""reply Why no letter used ?!"" is written","line 8"
1497,"Letters that have helped me",271,"""N.B."" is written","line 23"
1498,"Letters that have helped me",272,"""of. P50"" is written; ""forgery?"" is written;""of.272"" is written","line 7/9/16"
1499,"Letters that have helped me",272,""" ' "" are in circled","line 8"
1500,"Letters that have helped me",272,"""He"" is circled","line 15"
1501,"Letters that have helped me",274,"Mark is written","line 20"
1502,"Letters that have helped me",274,"Comment is written, but it's unreadable","line 24"
1503,"Letters that have helped me",276,"Mark is written","line 17"
1504,"Letters that have helped me",277,"""-p279*"" is written","line 35"
1505,"Letters that have helped me",278,"""!!!"" is written; Mark is written","line 10/11/12/13"
1506,"Letters that have helped me",278,"""bunk"" is written","line 13"
1507,"Letters that have helped me",279,"Mark is written","line 3/15"
1508,"Letters that have helped me",280,"""N.B."" is written","line 19"
1509,"Letters that have helped me",281,"""See p.279"" is written","line 1"
1510,"Letters that have helped me",281,"""N.B"" is written; Mark is written","lines 32-38"
1511,"Letters that have helped me",285,"""This is it!"";""-KH"" is written","line 37"
1512,"Letters that have helped me",285,"""The most stricking example of this…"" is in brackets; ""in 1887"" is underlined; ""in blue"" is underlined.","lines 35-39"
1513,"Letters that have helped me",286,"Mark written","lines 14-15"
1514,"Letters that have helped me",286,"""Relative of Cones?"" is written","bottom of page"
1515,"Letters that have helped me",287,"""K.T.'s thoughtful"" is written","line 7"
1516,"Letters that have helped me",287,"Mark is written","line 21"
1517,"Letters that have helped me",290,"Mark is written","line 13"
1518,"Letters that have helped me",291,"""them KT!"" is written","line 14"
1519,"Letters that have helped me",291,"Mark is written","line 35"
1520,"Letters that have helped me",296,"""Zero on Judge!"" is written","line 17"
1521,"Letters that have helped me",296,"""Katherine Hillard is underlined","line 10"
1522,"Letters that have helped me",297,"Something is written, but it's in pencil and unreadable","line 14"
1523,"Letters that have helped me",298,"Mark is written","line 13"
1524,"Letters that have helped me",298,"""Of I.G. !"" is written","line 27"
1525,"Letters that have helped me",300,"Something is written, but it's in pencil and unreadable","line 31"
1526,"The Spiritualists",0,"Paragraph in brackets (page xii)","lines 5-19"
1527,"The Spiritualists",0,"Mark is written (page XV)","line 17"
1528,"The Spiritualists",0,"Mark is written (page xvi)","line 3"
1529,"The Spiritualists",0,"""an element discovered by Crookes"" is in brackets","lines 8-9"
1530,"The Spiritualists",1,"""Jun 3 1856 (NN)"" is written","line 13"
1531,"The Spiritualists",1,"""when?"" is written","line 15"
1532,"The Spiritualists",1,"""p6"" is written","line 20"
1533,"The Spiritualists",1,"Comment is written, but it is in pencil and unreadable","line 18"
1534,"The Spiritualists",1,"""without"" is underlined","line 20"
1535,"The Spiritualists",2,"""14"";""18"";""16"" are written","line 2/3/4"
1536,"The Spiritualists",2,"""fifteen"" is underlined","line 3"
1537,"The Spiritualists",2,"""for three years"" is underlined","line 4"
1538,"The Spiritualists",2,"Mark is written","line 6"
1539,"The Spiritualists",2,"""1871+3=74"";""15+3=18"" is written","line 6"
1540,"The Spiritualists",2,"""ref"" is written;""why?"" is written","line 16"
1541,"The Spiritualists",3,"Mark is written; ""?"" is written;""get"" is written","lines 22-25"
1542,"The Spiritualists",4,"""Lapse stine answer no date!"" is written","lines 11-16"
1543,"The Spiritualists",4,"""Loose Story answer no date!"" is written","line 5"
1544,"The Spiritualists",4,"""(re-)?"" is written","line 30"
1545,"The Spiritualists",4,"""not first time?"" is written","line 33"
1546,"The Spiritualists",6,"""Wrote see p4"" is written","line 7"
1547,"The Spiritualists",6,"""(Date?)"" is written","line 11"
1548,"The Spiritualists",6,"""long time"" is underlined","line 14"
1549,"The Spiritualists",6,"""Who said it was?"" is written","line 22"
1550,"The Spiritualists",6,"""long and tiring journey"" is in parenthesis","line 22"
1551,"The Spiritualists",6,"""Who siad they had? None"" is written","line 24"
1552,"The Spiritualists",6,"""Cooks had no prior knowledge"" is in parenthesis","line 24"
1553,"The Spiritualists",6,"""but before the sciance regenest?"" is written","bottom of page"
1554,"The Spiritualists",6,"""third"" is underlined; ""no"" is written","line 34"
1555,"The Spiritualists",7,"""…'an aunt. See below"" is written","line 2"
1556,"The Spiritualists",7,"""Materialist an climax most under. See 12-4"" is written","line 20"
1557,"The Spiritualists",7,"""an anti-climax"" is in parenthesis","line 20"
1558,"The Spiritualists",7,"""wonderful"" is underlined","lines 20-21"
1559,"The Spiritualists",7,"""false"" is written","line 32"
1560,"The Spiritualists",0,"On a blank page, there is text written, however, it is in pencil and virtually unreadable","n/a"
1561,"The Spiritualists",8,"""no evidence What was Isis profession in records?"" is written","line 15"
1562,"The Spiritualists",8,"""livelihood"" is underlined;""presumably"" is circled","line 15"
1563,"The Spiritualists",8,"Mark is written","lines 22-23"
1564,"The Spiritualists",8,"""!"" is written","line 2"
1565,"The Spiritualists",8,"""False"" is written","line 36"
1566,"The Spiritualists",8,"""1871 (later!)?"" is written","line 36"
1567,"The Spiritualists",9,"""quickly"" is circled","line 10"
1568,"The Spiritualists",9,"Mark is written","line 10/31"
1569,"The Spiritualists",9,"""May not even home supported her in 1873-aye no mature!"" is written","line 10"
1570,"The Spiritualists",9,"""Why not-did MMB wonders!"" is written","line 27"
1571,"The Spiritualists",9,"""not convinced until 1873"" is written","line 39"
1572,"The Spiritualists",9,"""19 December, 1873"" is circled; ""3rd hand"" is written","line 41"
1573,"The Spiritualists",10,"""What? See p11"" is written","line 8"
1574,"The Spiritualists",10,"""some time later?"" is written","line 10"
1575,"The Spiritualists",10,"""Everyone but DD (unknown word) 'exposed' in acts at one time or another!!"" is written","line 22"
1576,"The Spiritualists",11,"""only date is 1872"" is written;""1872"" is underlined","line 3"
1577,"The Spiritualists",12,"""Who"" is written","line 7"
1578,"The Spiritualists",12,"Mark is written;""could hardly be compared with her earlier with her earlier manifestations such as levitations and movements of heavy furniture","line 15-19"
1579,"The Spiritualists",12,"""season X see alos pX11"" is written; ""was very popular at that period"" is underlined","line 24"
1580,"The Spiritualists",14,"""Her face or mask!!!""is written","line 8"
1581,"The Spiritualists",19,"""Cabe scianse?"" is written","line 11"
1582,"The Spiritualists",19,"""if"" is circled","line 13"
1583,"The Spiritualists",19,"Mark is written","line 25"
1584,"The Spiritualists",19,"""omits olcates written"" is written","line 41"
1585,"The Spiritualists",20,"""supposition"" is written","lines 15-17"
1586,"The Spiritualists",25,"""The figure was always clad in white with bare arms and feet,"" is in brackets;""!!!"" of FK 'books' p26x"" is written","line 19"
1587,"The Spiritualists",28,"""Why? (unknown word) seconds later"" is written","line 17"
1588,"The Spiritualists",28,"""suspicious"" is written","line 17"
1589,"The Spiritualists",28,"""Mohae dies"";""Harrison persent even?"";""possibly Blackburn?"" is written","bottom of page"
1590,"The Spiritualists",29,"""Blackburn?"" is written","line 31"
1591,"The Spiritualists",31,"""lose by the detection of imposture"" is underlined","line 2"
1592,"The Spiritualists",31,"""Charles Blackburn himself was at the diastrous sitting of 9 December"" is underlined","line 8-9"
1593,"The Spiritualists",31,"""MOTIVE see p28, p9X"" is written","line 1"
1594,"The Spiritualists",31,"""By Hall? X p179"" is written","line 14"
1595,"The Spiritualists",31,"""reasonable to assume"" is underlined; Mark is written","line 26"
1596,"The Spiritualists",31,"Comment is written but is in pencil and unreadable","left side of page"
1597,"The Spiritualists",33,"""he support ef. P384"" is written","line 21"
1598,"The Spiritualists",34,"""emp. See (unknown word) p 38"" is written","line 6"
1599,"The Spiritualists",34,"""by whom?"" is written","line 8"
1600,"The Spiritualists",34,"""What would that gain her?"" is written","line 4"
1601,"The Spiritualists",34,"Paragraph in brackets","lines 10-15"
1602,"The Spiritualists",35,"Comment is written but is in pencil and unreadable","lines 2-4"
1603,"The Spiritualists",37,"Mark is written","line 8"
1604,"The Spiritualists",37,"""-6 days only? Why?"" is written","line 11"
1605,"The Spiritualists",37,"""scientific reports are not give-one piece meal start""","line 19"
1606,"The Spiritualists",37,"""interpolation"" is written","line 26"
1607,"The Spiritualists",37,"""during this sitting"" is in parenthesis","line 26"
1608,"The Spiritualists",37,"""No"" is written","line 26"
1609,"The Spiritualists",37,"""impression"" is underlined","line 27"
1610,"The Spiritualists",37,"""these circumstances"" is underlined","line 29"
1611,"The Spiritualists",37,"""true but were those the circumstances?"" is written","line 29"
1612,"The Spiritualists",37,"""ventriloquial"" is underlined","line 34"
1613,"The Spiritualists",37,"""bunk do not throw their voice"" is written","line 34"
1614,"The Spiritualists",38,"""CF…original how about UCL sťance he attended?"" is written","line 8"
1615,"The Spiritualists",38,"""anticipated"" is underlined","line 6"
1616,"The Spiritualists",38,"""restore the allowance if this had been stopped"" is in parenthesis","lines 18-19"
1617,"The Spiritualists",38,"Mark is written","line 19"
1618,"The Spiritualists",38,"""certain surrounding circumstances were such that he had little choice but to write it, uneasily and against both his better judgment and earlier pornouncements"" is in brackets","lines 21-23"
1619,"The Spiritualists",38,"""blackmail"" is written","line 22"
1620,"The Spiritualists",38,"""to one of the scientific journals in which all his previous contributions to the literature of the subject had been published"" is in brackets","line 27-28"
1621,"The Spiritualists",38,"""to describe the investigations as Crookes recorded them."" is in brackets","line 29-30"
1622,"The Spiritualists",39,"""from the middle of December 1873"" is in brackets","line 7"
1623,"The Spiritualists",39,"""false? Px37"" is written","line 7"
1624,"The Spiritualists",39,"""before 10 April"" is underlined","line 9"
1625,"The Spiritualists",39,"""2"" is written","line 10"
1626,"The Spiritualists",39,"""General"" is written","line 27"
1627,"The Spiritualists",39,"""his interpretation at stake"" is written","line 45"
1628,"The Spiritualists",39,"""Hoped Crooke would goneher sťance but Black would not stop her her learned of marriage"" is written","line 45"
1629,"The Spiritualists",40,"""the forty-four photographs"" are in quotations;""?"" is written","line 8"
1630,"The Spiritualists",40,"""very possible"" is underlined","line 19-20"
1631,"The Spiritualists",40,"""Why?"" is written","line 20"
1632,"The Spiritualists",40,"Comments are written but is in pencil and unreadable","line 31"
1633,"The Spiritualists",40,"Mark is written","line 42"
1634,"The Spiritualists",42,"Mark is written","line 37"
1635,"The Spiritualists",42,"""photographic flashlight"" is underlined","line 39"
1636,"The Spiritualists",42,"""despite the fact that the curtain intervened"" is in parenthesis","line 40"
1637,"The Spiritualists",42,"""false"" is written","line 40"
1638,"The Spiritualists",42,"""light not flashlight light at both MRD+Hacnez 055xx p58x, p59x61x61, p27"" is written","line 40"
1639,"The Spiritualists",43,"""valueless as a scientific report"" is in brackets","line 16"
1640,"The Spiritualists",43,"""glimpsed"" is underlined; ""distance""; ""dim"";""phosphorus"";""rare"";""couple"";""cushions"";""the sofa"" are underlined","lines 21-25"
1641,"The Spiritualists",43,"Comment is written, but the copy cuts it off","lines 21-25"
1642,"The Spiritualists",43,"""flon (opposite page)"" is written","line 26"
1643,"The Spiritualists",43,"""photographs"" is underlined","line 28"
1644,"The Spiritualists",43,"""only one photograph out of the 'fourty-four'.."" is in brackets","line 29-30"
1645,"The Spiritualists",43,"""he was 2 weeks 5 days old"" is written","line 44"
1646,"The Spiritualists",44,"""shows good light"" is written","line 11"
1647,"The Spiritualists",44,"""…'the teat…"" is written'","lines 15-18"
1648,"The Spiritualists",44,"""…'in face, fair, complexion, teeth, eyes, hands, and movements of the body'…"" is in brackets and quotations","lines 11-12"
1649,"The Spiritualists",44,"""Resemblance"" is written","line 23"
1650,"The Spiritualists",44,"""this period"" is underlined","line 27"
1651,"The Spiritualists",44,"""At last seances"" is written","line 27"
1652,"The Spiritualists",44,"""contradiction"" is in parenthesis","line 39"
1653,"The Spiritualists",44,"""The photographs were not taken until the week of 14-21 May"" is underlined;""?"" is written","line 43"
1654,"The Spiritualists",45,"""It was probably hoped that the showing of an occasional glimpse of the dummy figure in a dim light to an uncritical audience would be sufficent to justify the account published in The Spiritualist on 3 April, 1874"" is in brackets","lines 11-14"
1655,"The Spiritualists",45,"Something is written on the side, but it's cut off by the copy","lines 11-14"
1656,"The Spiritualists",45,"""Where?"" is written (I believe; it's cut off by the copy)","line 25"
1657,"The Spiritualists",46,"""Really?"" is written","line 19"
1658,"The Spiritualists",46,"Mark is written","lines 27-30"
1659,"The Spiritualists",46,"""Where unpronement?"" is written","lines 41-45"
1660,"The Spiritualists",46,"""silent"";""animate"" in ""inanimate"";""dimly"";""distance"" are underlined","lines 41-42"
1661,"The Spiritualists",46,"""Wow did he know?"" is written","line 44"
1662,"The Spiritualists",47,"""Not F. Cook. When?"" is written","line 29"
1663,"The Spiritualists",47,"""t"" in ""experiment"" is circled","line 33"
1664,"The Spiritualists",47,"""s"" in ""experiments"" is circled","line 34"
1665,"The Spiritualists",47,"""WFC on apparatus?!"" is written","line 33-34"
1666,"The Spiritualists",48,"""Whose w Crookes Late"" is written","line 1"
1667,"The Spiritualists",49,"Something is written, but it's cut off by the copy","line 1"
1668,"The Spiritualists",49,"Something is written, but it's cut off by the copy","lines 24-26"
1669,"The Spiritualists",51,"""it was-V's-say-not his"" is written","line 2"
1670,"The Spiritualists",51,"""basiles"" is written","line 4"
1671,"The Spiritualists",51,"""motionless"" is underlined","line 20"
1672,"The Spiritualists",51,"""CT_ E.P. etc- Rody S. not motionless"" is written","line 20"
1673,"The Spiritualists",51,"""activity hug/hest (?) derery emerged"" is written","line 27"
1674,"The Spiritualists",51,"""et Crrokes at same early period"" is written","line 30"
1675,"The Spiritualists",52,"There are a few comments written on the top of the page, but they are cut off by the copy and are also in pencil","line 1"
1676,"The Spiritualists",52,"""When affair or before V's zap?"" is written","line 10"
1677,"The Spiritualists",52,"""Of after silence on Crookes use of app. Expl. By mere -deep location of V's earlier success. Cf.p49x may rise 156-156?"" is written","line 20"
1678,"The Spiritualists",52,"""how much?"" is written","line 24"
1679,"The Spiritualists",52,"""or 4 divisions"" is written","line 35"
1680,"The Spiritualists",52,"""medle swing book book to normal 152 after discussion"" is written","line 35"
1681,"The Spiritualists",53,"""Miss Showers"" is underlined","line 6"
1682,"The Spiritualists",53,"""before cap 10"" is written","line 6"
1683,"The Spiritualists",53,"""10 July, 1874"" is circled; Mark is written","line 20"
1684,"The Spiritualists",55,"Mark is written","line 25/35"
1685,"The Spiritualists",56,"""Marriage+sex life against at too"" is written","line 17"
1686,"The Spiritualists",57,"""an inanimate silent bundle of clothes to be occasionally seen only at a distance in a dim light"" is in brackets; ""animate"",""silent"",""clothes"",""occasion"",""distance"",""dim"" are underlined","lines 10-11"
1687,"The Spiritualists",57,"Mark is written","line 29"
1688,"The Spiritualists",62,"Paragraph is in brackets;""2"" is written","lines 9-15"
1689,"The Spiritualists",62,"Mark is written","lines 25-29"
1690,"The Spiritualists",64,"""?"" is written after """"","line 35"
1691,"The Spiritualists",65,"""Additionaly?"" is written","line 1"
1692,"The Spiritualists",65,"""She ass.'s only answer!"" is written","line 37"
1693,"The Spiritualists",65,"Mark is written","line 37"
1694,"The Spiritualists",66,"""…letter…"" is circled","line 3"
1695,"The Spiritualists",66,"Mark is written; ""accounts"" is circled","line 32"
1696,"The Spiritualists",66,"""267"" is writen;""265"" is crossed out","line 37"
1697,"The Spiritualists",67,"""it"" is circled;""it"" is circled","line 14"
1698,"The Spiritualists",68,"""Why we has to be discredited"" is written","lines 5-7"
1699,"The Spiritualists",68,"""occasonse""is written; ""CF Crookes acct."" is written","line 21"
1700,"The Spiritualists",68,"""han"" is written","line 27"
1701,"The Spiritualists",68,"Mark is written","lines 34-36"
1702,"The Spiritualists",69,"""insistence that the figures were dissimilar"" is underlined","line 8"
1703,"The Spiritualists",69,"""?"" is written","line 30"
1704,"The Spiritualists",69,"Of they was Showers. Why didn't she alos hearkmail WC into silence on her family Varby control bot"" is written;""(or why did he have sense to omit that?) p53x"" is written","lines 1-38"
1705,"The Spiritualists",69,"""likely that the confederate was Mary Showers."" is underlined","lines 26-27"
1706,"The Spiritualists",80,"Mark is written","line 14/15"
1707,"The Spiritualists",80,"""...white veil thrown over the body from head to foot..."" is underlined","lines 12-13"
1708,"The Spiritualists",80,"""…and chin…"" is underlined","line 15"
1709,"The Spiritualists",81,"Mark is written","line 1"
1710,"The Spiritualists",81,"""…muslin veil…"" is underlined; Mark is written","line 7"
1711,"The Spiritualists",81,"""…covers the whole person…"" is underlined; Mark is written","line 10"
1712,"The Spiritualists",81,"""...knew that it was a trick..."" is underlined;""Black?"" is written","lines 25-26"
1713,"The Spiritualists",81,"""Phos. Lamp"" is written; Mark is written","line 37"
1714,"The Spiritualists",81,"""Something like hands altogther missing!"" is writen","bottom of page"
1715,"The Spiritualists",82,"""Floor"" is written"";Mark is written","lines 1-5"
1716,"The Spiritualists",82,"""…sofa or chair…"" is underlined","line 4"
1717,"The Spiritualists",82,"""…one person groping in the dark…"" is underlined;""Test!!"" is written","lines 10-11"
1718,"The Spiritualists",82,"""…must have been producing the same sort of phenomena…"" is underlined;""Egad! Sa"" is written""","lines 24-25"
1719,"The Spiritualists",82,"""(who said all this-?!!)"" is written","line 31"
1720,"The Spiritualists",82,"Comment is written, but it's in pencil and is unreadable","line 35"
1721,"The Spiritualists",82,"""significant only if FC's use of shawl was exceptional"" is written","line 41"
1722,"The Spiritualists",83,"""does not show.."" is written (the rest is unreadable and is cut off by the copy)","line 1"
1723,"The Spiritualists",83,"Comment is written, but is cut-off by page","line 1"
1724,"The Spiritualists",83,"""How do you know?"" is written;""…was…"" is circled","line 5"
1725,"The Spiritualists",83,"""Bosh who says it who?"" is written","line 7"
1726,"The Spiritualists",83,"""see 187 'Florence letter'?"" is written","line 16"
1727,"The Spiritualists",83,"""postivie"" is underlined;""..'an'…"" is circled;""by Cox, you ass!"" is written;""Halls' interpretation"" is written","line 31"
1728,"The Spiritualists",83,"""by 'tall'"" is written; ""…'assured friend'…"" is underlined; ""see 132x 151x"" is written","line 38"
1729,"The Spiritualists",84,"Mark is written;""absolutely false-'opinion' he 'supposed' all competitions"" is written","line 4"
1730,"The Spiritualists",84,"""…knowledge…"" is underlined","lines 10-11"
1731,"The Spiritualists",84,"""…knowledge…"" is underlined","line 12"
1732,"The Spiritualists",84,"""What's all this?? Trying to balster up boocus?"" is written","line 32"
1733,"The Spiritualists",86,"""'Ghost' bunk"" is written; ""..'D'.."" is written; ""…'double'..."" is underlined","line 5"
1734,"The Spiritualists",86,"Mark is written; ""…innocence…"" is underlined","line 20"
1735,"The Spiritualists",87,"""What?"" is written","line 12"
1736,"The Spiritualists",87,"""Katie King"" is underlined; ""Halt confuse meal & control"" is written","line 17"
1737,"The Spiritualists",87,"Mark is written","lines 31-35"
1738,"The Spiritualists",88,"""Blackguards cookes her 'I have nothing to ret.'.."" is written","line 24"
1739,"The Spiritualists",88,"""Councillon or TS"" is written","line 29"
1740,"The Spiritualists",89,"""...facts do not support this supposition as we shall see later.'.."" is written;""de Albe bred"" is written","lines 2-3"
1741,"The Spiritualists",89,"""chemical laboratory at his house"" is underlined","lines 22-23"
1742,"The Spiritualists",90,"""1897"" is underlined","line 36"
1743,"The Spiritualists",91,"""caused him to abandon hope of corporation"";""assured hemiste what more whether to do?"" is written (the rest is virtually unreadable because of light copy)","line 18"
1744,"The Spiritualists",92,"Comment is written, but is in pencil and is unreadable","line 1"
1745,"The Spiritualists",93,"Comment is written, but is in pencil and is unreadable","line 1"
1746,"The Spiritualists",94,"""How long could this go on?"" is written","line 23"
1747,"The Spiritualists",94,"""plagarized by Podmere later?!"" is written","line 36"
1748,"The Spiritualists",95,"""clearly"" is underlined","line 7"
1749,"The Spiritualists",95,"""clear only to Hall"" is written","line 7"
1750,"The Spiritualists",95,"Mark is written","line 27-29"
1751,"The Spiritualists",95,"""circled"" is circled; ""CF p58 2"" is written","line 31"
1752,"The Spiritualists",96,"""…'letters'…"" is in quotations; ""…'be published in book form'…"" is in quotations; ""False"" is written","line 27"
1753,"The Spiritualists",97,"""3rd house stpries from tainted sources"" is written","line 1"
1754,"The Spiritualists",97,"""Indeed, in some cases this seemed unnecessary."" is underlined; ""97x"" is written","line 29"
1755,"The Spiritualists",98,"""Ef 166X 1712"" is written; ""destroyed"" is underlined","line 1"
1756,"The Spiritualists",98,"Mark is written","lines 7-9"
1757,"The Spiritualists",99,"Mark is written","line 11"
1758,"The Spiritualists",100,"Comments are written, but are in pencil and are unreadable","line 16"
1759,"The Spiritualists",100,"Mark is written","line 6"
1760,"The Spiritualists",100,"""eighteen-year"" is underlined","line 30"
1761,"The Spiritualists",100,"""according to him"" is underlined","line 35"
1762,"The Spiritualists",101,"Comments are written, but are in pencil and are unreadable","lines 1-42"
1763,"The Spiritualists",101,"""Florence Cook"" is underlined","lines 1-2"
1764,"The Spiritualists",101,"Mark is written","lines 7-9"
1765,"The Spiritualists",102,"""How? Conceals."" is written; Mark is written","line 21"
1766,"The Spiritualists",102,"Paragraph in brackets (continued on page 103)","lines 24-35"
1767,"The Spiritualists",102,"""See p149x"" is written; ""Whose ambigous he was dead in 1893!"" is written","line 29"
1768,"The Spiritualists",102,"Mark is written","line 35"
1769,"The Spiritualists",102,"Paragraph in brackets (continued from page 102)","lines 1-2"
1770,"The Spiritualists",103,"""As has been said, there seems to be no reason to doubt Anderson's veracity. The circumstantial details of his story are convincing."" is in brackets","lines 13-15"
1771,"The Spiritualists",103,"""…investigation has shown that the broad factual outline of Anderson's narrative is correct."" is in brackets (""broad"" is underlined)","lines 17-19"
1772,"The Spiritualists",103,"""Florence's testimony was broadly confined to two statements. She said (a) that her mediumship, like that of her sister, was fraudulent and (b) that she had been Crooke's mistress during his association with her in 1874"" is in brackets;","lines 30-34"
1773,"The Spiritualists",103,"""Broad Gloss"" is written","lines 17-34"
1774,"The Spiritualists",104,"""in less thatn a year""; ""without involving himself in a scandal"" are underlined; ""An hr. was snat. Why?"" is written","lines 4-6"
1775,"The Spiritualists",104,"Mark is written","lines 27-29"
1776,"The Spiritualists",104,"""The genuineness or otherwise of the phenomena…"" to the end of the page and continued on page 105, is in brackets","lines 37-39"
1777,"The Spiritualists",104,"""Why Crookes must be destroyed"" is written","bottom of page"
1778,"The Spiritualists",105,"""-..lished accounts that if Florence were a fraud he could not have failed to have been aware of it."" is in brackets (continued from page 104)","lines 1-2"
1779,"The Spiritualists",105,"Paragraph in brackets and continued on page 106","lines 34-36"
1780,"The Spiritualists",106,"""endorsing phenomena which he knew to rely upon imposture and trickery."" is in brackets (continued from page 105)","lines 1-2"
1781,"The Spiritualists",106,"""…when her allowance from her wealthy spiritualist patron was in jeopardy."" is in brackets","lines 10-11"
1782,"The Spiritualists",106,"""Motive supposition"" is written","line 12"
1783,"The Spiritualists",106,"""her account"" is underlined","line 16"
1784,"The Spiritualists",106,"""A's!"" is written","line 17"
1785,"The Spiritualists",106,"Mark is written","lines 18-23"
1786,"The Spiritualists",107,"Mark is written","lines 6-9"
1787,"The Spiritualists",107,"""The real problem to be solved, however, if this is still possible at this distance of time, is whether the apparently incredible story told to both of them by Florence Cook could conceivably be true."" is in brackets","lines 22-25"
1788,"The Spiritualists",107,"Mark is written","line 33/40"
1789,"The Spiritualists",108,"Mark is written","middle of page"
1790,"The Spiritualists",109,"""How about p101 top e"" is written","line 24"
1791,"The Spiritualists",110,"""It seems to be significant that this occurred only four days after her marriage to Corner to be followed by the rapid succession of seances ending on 21 May"" is in brackets","lines 15-17"
1792,"The Spiritualists",111,"""The possible truth of the matter is…"" to ""Florence independently to appare to the company at Katie King."" is in brackets","lines 17-28"
1793,"The Spiritualists",111,"""No only for Blacksf."" is written","lines 17-28"
1794,"The Spiritualists",111,"""-ready before that!"" is written","line 31"
1795,"The Spiritualists",112,"""Good obs. Of abstract body"" is written; Mark is written","lines 10-14"
1796,"The Spiritualists",112,"""Wiesbaden"";""Brussels""; ""Antwerp"";""Brussels"" are underlined","line 27/29/33"
1797,"The Spiritualists",113,"Mark is written","line 17"
1798,"The Spiritualists",113,"""Black omits herbatism contents"" is written","lines 19-23"
1799,"The Spiritualists",113,"""It is true that she seems to have had differences with her husband very early in their marriage""","lines 30-31"
1800,"The Spiritualists",114,"Mark is written","line 1"
1801,"The Spiritualists",115,"""gratitude"" is written","line 29"
1802,"The Spiritualists",118,"""CF 137"" is written; ""She…"" is circled","line 7"
1803,"The Spiritualists",119,"Mark is written","line 9"
1804,"The Spiritualists",119,"""F set pattern simple"" is written;""adequate"" is underlined","line 14"
1805,"The Spiritualists",148,"""some years"" is underlined","line 33"
1806,"The Spiritualists",148,"""Mrs. Cook was shown as the occupier of Oakfield"" is underlined","lines 33-34"
1807,"The Spiritualists",148,"Something is written, but it's in pencil and unreadable","line 34"
1808,"The Spiritualists",148,"""CF p149x p150x"" is written","line 34"
1809,"The Spiritualists",149,"""could not possibly have known himself"" is underlined; ""It would be common supposition therabouts"" is written","line 5"
1810,"The Spiritualists",149,"""Mrs. Cook as the occupier of 7 Arundel Gardens, an occupation which continued until Mrs. Cook's death in 1901."" is underlined","lines 27-29"
1811,"The Spiritualists",151,"Mark is written;""her manager and astute accomplice"" is underlined","lines 6-7"
1812,"The Spiritualists",151,"Mark is written","line 39"
1813,"The Spiritualists",152,"Mark is written","lines 6-8"
1814,"The Spiritualists",152,"""Reads like Dengwald (from German)"" is written","line 20"
1815,"The Spiritualists",153,"""Dengwald""(?) is written","line 24"
1816,"The Spiritualists",158,"There are comments written, but they are in pencil and are unreadable","line 13/23"
1817,"The Spiritualists",159,"There are comments written, but they are in pencil and are unreadable","line 30/34"
1818,"The Spiritualists",160,"""Egads and then 'Liar' on Council of SPR"" is written","lines 7-11"
1819,"The Spiritualists",166,"Mark is written","line 5"
1820,"The Spiritualists",166,"Something is written, but it's in pencil and is unreadable","line 5"
1821,"The Spiritualists",166,"""written by Crookes between"" is underlined","line 6"
1822,"The Spiritualists",166,"""during which deliberate destruction of this correspondence occurred"" is underlined;""Ass!"" is written","lines 16-17"
1823,"The Spiritualists",169,"""Just as a counter-fint copies this german's=What Blacks expected KC had observed"" is written","line 5"
1824,"The Spiritualists",169,"""Be surprised what money could do!"" is written","line 30"
1825,"The Spiritualists",169,"""No evidence they gas prohet money!"" (?) is written","line 37"
1826,"The Spiritualists",171,"Mark is written","lines 1-2"
1827,"The Spiritualists",171,"Would he have Chris copied into a book induced?!"" (?) is written","lines 4-10"
1828,"The Spiritualists",171,"""That can only be a matter of surmise against the background of the story as a whole."" is underlined; Mark is written","lines 15-16"
1829,"The Spiritualists",171,"""presumably"" is underlined; ""No"" is written","line 21"
1830,"The Spiritualists",171,"""mysteriously"" is underlined; ""No"" is written","line 25"
1831,"The Spiritualists",173,"""clearly"" is circled; ""!"" is written","line 10"
1832,"The Spiritualists",173,"""secretly"" is underlined; ""quote inks"" is written","line 14"
1833,"The Spiritualists",173,"""not innocent"" is underlined; ""CFO 86 X!"" is written","line 23"
1834,"The Spiritualists",173,"""She said, it will be remembered…"" to ""possibly have known."" is in brackets; Mark is written","lines 26-30"
1835,"The Spiritualists",177,"""due to Drywall"" is written","line 23"
1836,"The Spiritualists",177,"""that afternoon"" is underlined; ""!"" is written","line 33"
1837,"The Spiritualists",178,"Comment is written, but it's in pencil and unreadable","line 1"
1838,"The Spiritualists",178,"""blown up by HBR, backlash on SPR!"" is written","line 3"
1839,"The Spiritualists",178,"""(same mo. Of May ASPR acceptance)"" is written","line 29"
1840,"The Spiritualists",178,"""EG-anti-physical OK."" is written","line 30"
1841,"The Spiritualists",178,"""pay for a copy being made for me of the deposition in the S.P.R. files"" is underlined","line 38"
1842,"The Spiritualists",178,"""secondary narrative about her sister Kate and the swindling of Charles Blackburn"" is underlined; Mark is written","lines 40-41"
1843,"The Spiritualists",178,"""...great importance"" is underlined","lines 41-42"
1844,"The Spiritualists",179,"""Spiritualists' National Union at Britten House in Tib Lane, Manchester"" is underlined; Mark is written","lines 5-6"
1845,"The Spiritualists",179,"""unsorted"" is underlined","line 7"
1846,"The Spiritualists",179,"""Somerset House"" is underlined;""Probate Registry"" is underlined","line 12"
1847,"Theosophy",17,"Comment is written, but it's blurred and written in pencil, which has made most of it unreadable","line 9"
1848,"Theosophy",113,"""Brotherhood, a somewhat vague…"" to ""At the same time.."" is in brackets; ""G"" is written; ""GWA"" is written","lines 27-36"
1849,"Theosophy",114,"""gate the occult powers of ancient magicians, was moulded by circumstances…"" is in brackets","lines 5-6"
1850,"Theosophy",114,"""Value upon The Philosophy behind the the ethicial principles and philosophical teachings of these explain of (unknown word) Theogy? Nothing did as much to dorret the coerse of misempahsis than the appearance of Mr. B's first book."" is written","bottom of page"
1851,"Theosophy",127,"Comment is written, but it's in pencil and is unreadable","line 18"
1852,"Theosophy",180,"""M/R"" is written; Mark is written through ""Mr. Hodgson"", ""most"", and ""history""","line 28"
1853,"Theosophy",181,"""omit"" is written; Mark is made and continues to page 186","line 3"
1854,"Theosophy",182,"All of 186 seems, by the mark made on page 181, to want to be omitted","n/a"
1855,"Theosophy",187,"""…and England"" is underlined; ""86-7"" is written","line 34"
1856,"Theosophy",199,"""C. 42"" is written","line 22"
1857,"Theosophy",202,"""C. 42"" is written","line 16"
1858,"Theosophy",203,"""C. 42"" is written","line 7"
1859,"Theosophy",203,"""C. 43"" is written","line 19"
1860,"Theosophy",265,"Comment is written, but it's in pencil and is unreadable","top of page"
1861,"Theosophy",208,"""C.43"" is written","line 2"
1862,"Theosophy",209,"""C.43"" is written","line 15/16"
1863,"Theosophy",209,"""C. 44"" is written","line 23"
1864,"Theosophy",210,"""C.44"" is written","line 18"
1865,"Theosophy",219,"""C.44"" is written","line 32"
1866,"Theosophy",222,"""C.44"" is written","line 6/11/32"
1867,"Theosophy",223,"""C.44"" is written","line 13/21/31"
1868,"Theosophy",224,"""C.44-5"" is written","line 1"
1869,"Theosophy",225,"""C. 45"" is written","line 16/29"
1870,"Theosophy",226,"""C.44"" is written","line 1"
1871,"Theosophy",269,"Mark is written","line 13"
1872,"Theosophy",270,"""272X"" is written","line 18/21"
1873,"Theosophy",270,"""E"" is written","line 21"
1874,"Theosophy",272,"Paragraph is in brackets","lines 16-28"
1875,"Theosophy",272,"Paragraph is in brackets","lines 29-37"
1876,"Theosophy",291,"Mark is written","line 12"
1877,"Theosophy",294,"Mark is written","line 20"
1878,"Theosophy",295,"Mark is written","line 5"
1879,"Theosophy",295,"Mark is written; ""third"" is crossed out","line 13"
1880,"Theosophy",296,"Paragraph is in brackets","lines 29-34"
1881,"Theosophy",299,"Mark is written","line 31"
1882,"Theosophy",308,"Comment is written, but it's cut off my the page","top of page"
1883,"Theosophy",308,"Comment is written, but it's in pencil and almost unreadable","line 14"
1884,"Theosophy",308,"Two paragraphs are in brackets","lines 15-29"
1885,"Theosophy",308,"Mark is written","line 34"
1886,"Theosophy",309,"Mark is written","line 2"
1887,"Theosophy",309,"""add as footnote somewhat"" is written","line 20"
1888,"Theosophy",309,"""In March, 1892, Col. Olcott began…"" to the bottom of the page is in brackets (continued on page 310)","lines 21-38"
1889,"Theosophy",310,"""…in the spiritual hierarchy than her outward personality seemed to indicate"" is in brackets (continued from page 309)","lines 1-2"
1890,"Theosophy",327,"""Add"" is written","line 35"
1891,"Theosophy",327,"""As a result of the great impetus given by the Theosophical movement, scores of organizations with aims mystic, occult, divine, spiritual, Oriental, astrological, fraternal, and.."" is in brackets","lines 36-38"
1892,"Theosophy",330,"""Add"" is written","line 19"
1893,"Theosophy",330,"""late evidence of Theosophical thought"" is written","line 22"
1894,"Theosophy",331,"""the"" is circled; ""Perhaps a majority"" is written","line 1"
1895,"Theosophy",331,"""It should be added that these criticisms are not representative of the great majority of followers of the movement, who regard later elaborations from fundamentals as both logical and desirable"" is in brackets","lines 8-11"
1896,"Theosophy",331,"""add A p 338"" is written","line 11"
1897,"Theosophy",338,"Mark written","line 21"
1898,"Theosophy",338,"""There as however growing signs"" is written","line 27"
1899,"Theosophy",338,"""…swing in the West a tendency to turn to a study of oriental spiritual science, and the contributions of Madame Blavatsky to this field are hardly likely to diminish in importance during the coming decades."" is in brackets","lines 29-32"
1900,"Theosophy",338,"""Add?"" is written","line 32"
1901,"Theosophy",339,"Mark is written","lines 1-5"
1902,"The Letters of H.P.",14,"Comments are written, but are cut off by the copy","top of page"
1903,"The Letters of H.P.",15,,